Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Name Change

I changed my blog name today.
I thought of "heart overflowing" a while a go, while reading a book.
I thought it was verryyyy creative but the more I got thinking about it, it sounded to general.
To much like everyone else's.

Actually before I changed the name, I was reading a blog by the name of "between the lines". So very creative, made me want to click her hyperlink and find out who this girl was. That's when I decided I should changed my name.

I wanted something that people would remember, something that wasn't like every other blog out there. (no offence to others, its your blog, name it what you want.)

So sarah why did you pick "all the worlds a stage". gooooddd question ;)
For one thing I loveee loveee loveee Shakespeare. Friggin best writer! have you read hamlet?!
This is a monologue taken by Shakepeare himself. Basically it means that everyday we all have different parts. As much as we hate to say it, we aren't the same person all the time. I know I'm not the same when visiting my 88 and 89 year old grandparents vs. hitting the town (city) with the BFF. nope sorry not the same. I'm not saying I'm putting on an act for my g-rents, because I'm not. This is what I'm trying to change. I don't want to live in double standards anymore. This is who I am. Here right now, this is who I am. Take it or leave it.

The monologue also says "and one man in his time plays many parts." So true. I have many parts. I'm first and foremost a child of God, a daughter, sister, bff.

I like the name. It also suits my other passion: drama. I live for drama (no not the girl fighting-backstabing) but the class. The past 3 years, I've taken 5 drama classes, you do the math. Yup, thats right I live to be on the stage. I'm in a play right now, to be put on in 3 weeks! eck (more on that later)

I hope you had a great monday, now on to tuesday!
Happy Febuary (the shortest month, then my birthday!)

oh and thanks to "no fear shakespeare" for the help. Couldn't have gotten through english without you!

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