Monday, January 30, 2012

Being Grateful-4

Monday January 23rd: My BFF's mom saying I look really good!
Tuesday January 24th: a wonderful SIL
Wednesday January 25th: watching the office with karen after a horrible, long day.
Thursday January 26th: Seeing cat paw-prints on the snow first thing in the morning
Friday January 27th: A long phone call with my SIL- to be
Saturday January 28th: jeans that do up without having to shake them or do squats!
Sunday January 29th: Teaching the pre-school class at church.

This week was crazy busy. I'll be honest, it was difficult to come up with one thing to be grateful for but somehow I managed :)


Dream killers.

Wanna know my biggest pet peeve? No, it's not the fact that I hated waiting over 25 minutes for the subway on thursday when it comes every 2-3 minutes. Ya, you do the math of how many trains I couldn't get on to that morning. Gah! So many commuters. So little space. ::sarcasm::

My pet peeve is not when the girls in my program, who are doing their placement in may when school is done so they only have classes 3 out of 5 days right now. No, it doesn't bug me when they sit in class complaining how exhausted they are and how they aren't going to class tomorrow because they need to rest.
How about you try waking up at 6am, working from 8:30-4:30 and go to work till 10pm. Do that and then you have the right to complain. No, it's doesn't bug me. ::sarcasm::

My biggest pet peeve, the thing that gets my blood boiling besides animal abuse and neglect is when people crush my dreams of becoming a teacher.

I know right now, there are no teaching jobs what- so -ever. Unless you teach french or music, don't except a job right out of university.

I know this.

I am aware of it.

I don't need convosations that go like this:

other person: "what do you want to do after your B.A?"

me: "teachers college."

other person: "oh? you want to teach"?

me: "yup!"

other person: "you know there are no jobs. My daughter/niece/dog walkers-sisters-neighbour is a teacher and waited ___ years to get a job."

That my friends is my biggest pet peeve.

Yes I know it's very hard to get a teaching job. My own brother has been out of school for 2 years and is still not teaching.

I don't know why people say this to me! What do they expect me to do? Say, "you're right, there are no jobs, I'll go quit school on monday." 

Sorry, not happening. Teaching is why I was put on this earth. I was made to teach young minds. To have 25, 8 year olds call me Ms.Hannon. Teaching is my calling and I will everything I can do make it happen.

So? I ask of all who are reading this. If you are talking with a student, don't tell them what has been said to me. Don't kill dreams. Say something sweet and move on because chances are, they already know how hard it is to get a job in that field.

Happy Monday!


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday...

To my little blog!

pinned here

I can't believe it's been one whole year since I started this blog!

I remember sitting in my dining room on saturday afternoon, stalking my regular blogs (by googling their blog names) and all of a sudden I found myself about to hit the "create a blog" button on bloggers homepage. No idea what I was getting myself into.

I didn't know how much I was going to fall in love with blogging.

I've been reading many of my posts from the very beginning and I've seen so many changes in myself since that day in late January. My writing has changed. My body has changed. My relationships have changed.

All for the better.

And? It's because of the blogs I read. The blogs that inspire me to get my journal and bible out, inspire to go for a run, inspire me to be a better person. It's amazing how just by reading a blog post how inspired I feel after. You girls are awesome! Y'all make me a better person. A better child of God.

I love blogging. The friends I have made over the first year is just amazing. Amazing because even though we've never met, I feel like we are close friends. I know we if we lived closer we would be "real life friends!" I cry with you, laugh with you and celebrate when babies are born.

I've come to realize that having followers doesn't define me as a blogger or person. As much as I love my 36 followers and 2700+ pageviews, I have learned to blog for myself! Blog to remember the memories. Blog to vent.

Blogging has become such a big part of my life. I constantly am thinking of blog ideas and how to word them. Most in the shower or at work.

So? Thank you. Thank you to my 36 followers who have clicked that "follow me" button. Thank you to those bloggers who comment on here on a regular basis. You know who you are! Thank you for the friendships.

I can't wait to see what my second year of blogging will bring!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Little joys.

Yesterday was a good day all around. So many things made me smile, so many things made me stop and remember to write down in my thankful book.

First, I went for an early 8.5k run at the gym. This was my farthest run all week and boy did my body need it.

Then, I found out my 2 hour class was cancelled so I only had a 50 minute class. Sweet!

And I had a great afternoon at Michael's shopping for supplies for my SIL's -to be bridal shower on March 10th.

But the thing that brought the biggest joy was one I have been praying about for months . It was the fact that my SIL and I had a long phone call last night.,

You see, in the almost 4 years since Danielle has been around, we've never been close. Some was partly my fault-being scared of her thinking I was annoying (me?annoying? NO WAY!) and some was my brother's fault, which I'm not reading to write about. I do think that the 10 years between us didn't help and the 2 hour distance wasn't helping either. I mean a 16 year old (when they started dating) and a 26 year like different things and it's hard to say to someone "let's go for a movie"- when you live 2 hours away.

Of course we talk at fam jam's, catch up and stuff.

But never alone. 

We've never gone for coffee or drinks together or texted (she doesn't have a cell so that is out of the question.)

When Ryan and D got engaged I started praying a lot that God would help make our bond stronger. I noticed at Christmas time that our bond was getting stronger as all night we talked and talked and continued talking when we got back to my house that night.

But I wasn't expecting what happened last night.

D called to say my dress was in and 20 minutes later I realized we are still on the phone, chatting away. Talking about wedding plans, showers, my brother and school.

I always have dreamed of having a close bond with my SIL, getting nails done, calling each other often just to girl talk. Dreaming of our kids being really close. Dreaming of calling her up and telling her that I'm coming up for the day.

I think now that she is almost officially part of my family we are starting to become close.

Now my biggest prayer is that we continue to grow and become closer than ever!


Happy 21st birthday to my best friend Karen! Excuse me while we enjoy a day of pad Thai, pedicures and ice skating.


Friday, January 27, 2012

These vidoes make my life.

I'm sure y'all have seen the new viral videos Shi*t Girls say on facebook and youtube.

If you haven't here you go! It's creepy how true it is.

episode 1

episode 2
I love watching them and having tears coming down my face because they are so true and funny.

This week, a friend on facebook upload the Sh*t People never say in the GTA (greater Toronto area)

The Scarbourgh Town Center one kills me. Good mall, horrbile bathrooms. Everytime you go into a stall there is loads of pee on the seat. Not just on the lip but at the back. So gross.

The best one is the one my school made, it might not be funny to y'all but enjoy!

Does your town or city have a video like this? Let me know, I would love to watch them.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A letter to the celebs

Can we just talk about celebrities for a second?

I love being caught up in the world of celebs. I don't buy the magazines as spending $3.99 for a magazine that takes me 10 minutes, if that, to finish isn't that smart to me. 

But I do check out us weekly and every few days to stay to update.

I feel every morning there is a new famous couple calling it quits.  Nothing worse than looking at the front page of the newspaper and not seeing a picture of the newest murdered victim but of the most recent celeb couple throwing in the towel.

*before I go on, yes, I am not married, single to be exact. Nor do I have child but these are my thoughts*

First, there was Kim and Kris and the whole being married for 72 days. 72 days! I still can't rap my head around that.

Then Katy Perry and her crazy husband Russell announced that they were separating.  At least they lasted longer than 3 months, 14 to be exact. And the rumours that came along with it? Sad. Very sad. Bringing in her religious parents into the mess.

Now, it's all about Seal and Heidi.

Their statement makes me a little upset. Makes me have questions for them.

"While we have enjoyed seven very loving, loyal and happy years of marriage, after much soul-searching we have decided to separate. 

"We have had the deepest respect for one another throughout our relationship and continue to love each other very much, but we have grown apart. This is an amicable process and protecting the well-being of our children remains our top priority, especially during this time of transition. 
"We thank our family, friends, and fans for their kind words of support. And for our children's sake, we appreciate you respecting our privacy."  

"But we have grown apart"


That's not right. Couples are not supposed to grow apart, but grow together.

"we have enjoyed seven ...years"

enjoyed- sounds like the same enjoyment as a puppy. Oh, we have enjoyed seven years with our puppy but are giving it back to the pound. 

I feel celebs just get married for the gown, for the money the magazines will pay. Not getting married to be with that person for the rest of their lives.

I feel celebs think getting a divorce is the only way to solve their problems. Because ya know, if you don't see them, it solves it. Wrong.

I know it drives my mother crazy when she hears about celebs splitting. Don't get her started on Kim and Kris. If you do, she will be going on and on...and on for at least 7.384 minutes.

I mean, my parents will be celebrating 30 years of marriage this year. So unheard of. Especially in Hollywood.

My life will be over if Tim and Faith split. Those two will be together forever!

So celebs? Listen up. Don't marry a person if you don't see it lasting till death. Remember the vow? Till death do us part? That.  


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

I am linking up with the fabulous Michelle for Oh, How Pinteresting!

Maybe it was the snow we got this week but I am totally missing summer. The colours, the tan, the sun..summer come back!

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wearing this for Lady A

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love how it's off center
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Different kind of classroom

I've been looking forward to second semester at school for one reason. Placement.

I got lucky and was placed at the child care center near my house. For this semester, I work with the pre-school/kindergartens. Most of the kids are 3 years old but we do have the occasional 2.5 year old and 5 year old.

It's so nice to be out my regular university classroom and stepping into a little kid classroom.

Tuesday was my first day and surprisingly, I wasn't nervous. So eager to start and to learn hands on with kids. It's great to learn the theory from the textbook but in real life I won't have the time to crack open my textbooks and re-learn how to deal with a children. Know what I mean?

The guy (we need more males in early childhood education) I "shadow" is so great with the kids. He has that balance of being sweet to the kids but he also can raise his voice and discipline the children if needed.

My favourite time of the day is picking up the kids from school. This week, my teacher and I had to leave the center at 2:55 to pick up the kindergartens from afternoon school. It was so nice to get some fresh air.

I admit, I already have favourites. I know I'm not supposed to but it's so hard not to. Especially when I picked them up from school on Wednesday and one of the kids ran over to me and gave me a huge hug. Melt my heart.

I like my hours too. On Tuesdays, my shift is always 9am-5pm as I work and Wednesdays whatever hours my field teacher that I shadow has, those are my hours too. Sometimes I might be on the 7am-3pm or 8:30-4:30pm shift.

My breaks are sweet too. An hour for lunch and two 15 minute breaks!

I have a good feeling that I'm going to love working at this center! Can't wait to go back :)
Happy Tuesday


Monday, January 23, 2012

Grateful Monday's yo

Monday Jan 16th: The bus only taking 6 minutes to get to the station
Tuesday Jan 17th: Having a great day at placement
Wednesday Jan 18th: The face of the autistic boy light up when seeing his aunt
Thursday Jan 19th: Jeans that are falling off! The thighs, legs, hips...everywhere!
Friday Jan 20th: Sleeping in zzzz
Saturday Jan 21: Sleeping kittis. So peaceful
Sunday Jan 22: seeing an old friend at church, sunny winter days, visits with Grandparents.

Where did this week go? Seriously, the weeks are flying by, which is fine with me. Only 4 more weeks till reading week and 10 till the end of the semester :)

Have a great week friends!


Friday, January 20, 2012

Running, I've missed you.

Me? Missing running? Nah, wrong person.

But not.

You see, I actually missed running. My last run was on Wednesday January 11, didn't run on the weekend as I went away and I actually found myself on Tuesday evening missing the joy of running. Did I actually just say that running was a joy?! Who am I?

I say "who am I" because I've been a runner for years but I would go thru this cycle. Run for 3-4 times a week for maybe a month then stop. Stop for no reason.  I wasn't injured or anything. I just got lazy.

I would only start when the weight would creep up.

I started hard-core running on November 23, 2011. That's what my nike+ app tells me. So far I've run 141.6km. That is cray-cray. But good.

So since I missed the pounding of the pavement, I brought my running gear with me to placement on wednesday and instead of rushing home, I laced up.

You should have seen the looks I got from my co-workers. The teacher I shadow even said I was crazy to go out. Non-runners don't understand.

It was nice to go for a nice run. It was really windy out but I managed to run a nice 7k.

Slower than normal, not as many calories as I like to burn but I got out and ran!

And here am I blogging after coming in from a shorter run.

It was crazy snowing tonight, but going out proved am I dedicated.  I'm proud of that. The old Sarah would have said "oh, it's snowing, let's just go tomorrow." Look where that got me before. The new Sarah wouldn't have it.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Grateful Monday's-edition 2.

Pinned Image
Where did this week go?! Seriously though? It flew by.

I loved writing in my book of blessings this week. So many things to write down and share!

Monday Jan 9th: First day back at school. Loved seeing old friends, still meeting new ones and a fresh start.
Tuesday Jan 10th: Random cheques from the government
Wednesday Jan 11th: A textbook costing only $56!
Thursday Jan 12th: knowing tomorrow is friday!
Friday Jan 13th: Safe travels/arrivals to the 20's weekend re-treat
Saturday Jan 14th: Amazing lessons from the speaker this weekend.*
Sunday Jan 15th: a weekend away from twitter/facebook.*


I had an amazing weekend at Waterloo's annual 20's weekend re-treat. Every once a while I need those weekends of endless fun, being in the word and strenghing my faith. The speaker was actually my friends BIL and he did an amazing job. The weekend theme was from the book of Luke, might be my favourite book. It was so nice to see old friends, spending time with them all. The most exciting part? Being asked to come back to counsel at camp again this July. Of course I said YES!!!

Since I was super super busy this weekend, I had hardly no time, except for late at night or right after my shower, to check/update twitter and facebook. I was so busy that I only tweeted once! I didn't know how much I needed it the weekend away from the web. It's so easy to tap on the twitter app and away I go, updating and tweeting.

Soaking up Greg's lessons and not being so attached to twitter are amazing blessings. I highly reccommend taking a day away from the facebook "liking" and just be present in your own life. Try it.

Happy Monday, Friends.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Far from perfect

One of the reasons I love blogging is because I can show that I'm far from perfect.

I find that it's so easy for bloggers to just post the happy things. Not the deep things. Only the "my life is so good!" stuff. Now I do have to say, I completely understand that bloggers have the right to chose what they post.
So if they choose not to write about something, I get it. 

Yesterday I was a bad friend. Yesterday I let my anger and frustrations get the best of me and I feel terrible.

I have these two friends at school that are the complete opposite of myself and my study habits. My one friend (let's call her Emily) will come to class, and at break time it will come up that we have a test the next day and Emily wouldn't even know! Even though we have a course outline with a weekly schedule.

She was the one that came to our Psych exam in December with no pencil.

Not to mention that everyone will laugh when this happens. It's not funny. I don't think its funny when you are farting and fooling around. It's not funny that you took a persons spot in this program and you are dicking around. I do think of myself as a caring person so this is why it's so hard to watch the girls mess up and not stand up on their own.

My other friend, call her Julia comes to me for everything. Every question, she comes to me.

"what time is our training today?"

"where is our training today?"

"how to do get there?"

"how do I cite ____?"

"who's our faculty advisor?"- in the middle of our training.

Julia has this habit of texting me in the morning as I'm getting ready. This happened on tuesday, she texted me and didn't know where our training was. I totally didn't have time to look up the building name, room number etc because I had 20 minutes till my bus came and my hair needed to be fixed.

So yesterday I couldn't hold it in. The amount of times and the amount of questions were getting out of hand. I was starting to feel like I was Emily and Julia's mom, walking them through school.

Emily and Julia knew something was wrong and kept asking but it's kinda awkward to answer when they're the problem.

After lunch yesterday, Julia and I went to the guidance office to swap classes and such. As I was coming out of the office Julia asked me a simple question in which I lost it.

She asked when she has Sociology 104. The reason I freaked? We aren't in the same class that day. Meaning I don't know her friday class schedule. Why would she think I knew her class times?! Beyond me.

I looked her in the eyes and said, "I don't know your schedule, Julia" and walked away. I was livid. It scares me, how they don't do anything them selves and rely on others.

She caught up to me and continued to ask why I was upset. In which I said, "stress."

Finally I let it out.

She needed to know how I felt. I feel like I take care of her and Emily more than myself. I feel like my own assignments come second as I'm helping them. Which I don't mind, but every 5 minutes means I can't focus on my own essay. When all we talk about is how you haven't started the essays and its due in 3 days just gets to me.

I know some might say, just ignore the texts and calls. But I can't. I guess part of me remembers Karma.  My biggest fear is needing help with something, clarification on a question etc and not having my friends help me out because I have never been there for them in the past.

Julia and I had a good heart to heart. We needed it as I've been holding this in since mid-term..of last semester.

I feel horrible. My anger is my downfall and once again I couldn't control it and once again I bottled it up inside of me.

See? I am far from perfect.


Thursday, January 12, 2012


Linking up with the lovely Jenn for Currently. -love her.

Current book:
love this book.
Current playlist:
Anything by Lady A.
So excited to see them in concert June 16th :)

Current colour:

still wearing my shellac.

Current food:
Just had some pita with salsa.

Current favourite tv show:
That's easy. Grey's Anatomy. 

Current needs:
New clothes! Most things are getting to big. So bittersweet.

Current triumps:
Being 0.6 away from losing my 10% weight!

Current banes of my existence:
People not taking initiative or planing ahead and just rely on me to do the work.

Current Celeb Crush:
Oh Jim.
Current #1 Blessing
Writing daily in my Blessings book. Love writing down something I am thankful each day.

Current Outfit:
My running gear. Off for a run!

Current excitement:
Going away this weekend for Waterloo's annual 20's weekend. Awesome weekend of fun and loving God.

Current mood:
Sleepy but happy to see the BFF tonight.

Current favourite quote or verse:
I waited patiently for the LORD; he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear and put their trust in the LORD (Psalm 40:1-3, NIV).

Great stuff going on!

Current favourite app:
Me and the Weight Watchers App go everywhere!

Current favourite product:
This stuff is awesome!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to the grind.

Well here it is. School has started up again for me and thousands of others. I've enjoyed my 5 weeks off. I know, I got lucky. I have so many friends that were lucky to get 2.5 weeks off and had to go back late last week in order to make it back in time.

I'm proud that I accomplished all my goals for the break. I ran 3 and sometimes 4 times a week, more than 5k. I finished Friday Night Lights! Cried like a baby. I gave to charity. I rested.

I had a wonderful few weeks spending time with family and friends. Loved staying up till 2am and getting up a 11am. Loved taking my time to get ready to go out. Loved enjoying one to many beers.


School's back. Boo.

I had a good 1st semester of university. I learned a whole lot. Not just about my field but I learned so much about myself. How I learn. What works and what doesn't. I learned not to be caught up in other peoples issues about organization. I learned that it's okay to take a night off work to catch up on readings and its fine to tell your boss you aren't coming back to Thursday's evening. School comes first. I learned that God will understand if I miss worship on Sunday mornings to write an essay, isn't that why we have Sunday evening worship? I kid.

This semester is a bit different as I have placement in a daycare Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8am-4pm. With a lunch break and two 15 minute breaks! So excited to take a walk during lunch and maybe do some homework too. Meaning classes all day mondays and thursday. Thankfully I only have a tourial on Friday's from 1-2pm.

Enough about my class schedule.

I hope to keep running. After all, running is helping me lose weight. I've already mapped out when I will have the time to excercise. Sadly, I can't do it in my two hour break on Thursdays. I smell really bad after I run.

Is it sad that I'm already counting down the days weeks till I'm done?


Monday, January 9, 2012


Pinned Image

I finally jumped on bandwagon and  bought One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp that many bloggers have and are reading. I honestly don't know why I just got the book now. This book is hands down the best book I've read in a long time. Words can not express how good it is.

In the book, Ann talks about how she wrote down 1000 blessings or things she was grateful for. Things ranging from the EMS (911) call when her son was badly to fresh laundry.

She wanted to find Amazing Grace wherever and whenever she could. Things to be happy about, things to praise God about. That's what I am longing for.

For me, it's so easy to find things to complain about. And since I have twitter, with a click (or a tap on the iphone) I can send out a negative message about how the kitchen is a mess and yet the kitchen cleaner-uppers are watching tv.

And that's a pet peeve of mine, sending out negative messages because our negative attitudes affect others. It's a horrible cycle.

Do I still get ticked at stuff? Heck to the yes. But I want to look for the good in this world.
I was reading one Sunday afternoon and it dawned on me to start doing the same as Ann. To keep a journal of things I am thankful for and blessings God passes down. I decided right there and then that every night before bed I would write down at least one thing I was thankful for during that day. So for the next year, the next 366 days I will find one thing to be thankful and happy about. It could range from silly stuff to serious stuff, so get ready.

And because I love blogging and y'all, I thought every Monday I would share my list from the past week.
Here we go.

Sunday Jan 1: Seeing a young teen being Baptized at church.
Monday Jan 2: Strong legs to carry me when I run
Tuesday Jan 3: parents who encourage me
Wednesday Jan 4: my job, bathing suits that are much looser on me
Thursday Jan 5: cat snuggles
Friday Jan 6: warm days for good runs
Saturday Jan 7: finding out that a blog who I "unfollowed" is pregnant after years of infidelity and a failed adoption. God is good.
Sunday Jan 8: being 0.6 away from losing 10% of my weight!


Friday, January 6, 2012

NOTW-Nails of the week

The Nail Files
I'm linking up with Tara from Fabulous but evil for the nail files. 

If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for nail polish. This might sounds cheesy but my outfit isn't complete with some polish.

This week I painted my nails Warm and Foozie by OPI.

Then yesterday I was in need of a good mani/pedi.

I got this sparkly pink for my toes. It's Excuse Moi by OPI.

And I finally got Shellac! I love it so far! My nail lady said she had a client who's stayed on for 5 weeks. Very excited to see how long it lasts on me. 

It's a dark grey and sometimes I see a bit of purple. Love it.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I can laugh about it now.

You know the classic story shown in movies or even in real life where the young teenager does laundry for the first time and puts way to much soap in the soap thing and before you know it bubbles are everywhere?! Ya that.

The same sorta thing happened to me on tuesday.

My neighbours who I cat-sit for (been their #1 cat-sitter since I was 13) went to Jamaica this week. There has been a few break-ins in the past years so the owners, let's call them Lindsey and Ted, told me to make myself at home. Basically to make it seem like I am visiting people. I may or may not have gone over at 6:30 tuesday night, grabbed a bowl of ice cream and camped out watching the biggest loser and teen mom.

The cats love it. So lonely.

Anyways, so Ted and Lindsey have a Whirlpool jacuzzi in their bathroom and I decided that I want to read a bit in a nice hot bath. No harm, I thought.

I even brought over some liquid  bath soap. Bad idea.

Before I got in I did notice the button at the end of the tub that turns on the jets, but wasn't ready for the jets to come on so I left it off.

 So at first I'm sitting in the tub, enjoying the bubbles and the cute little purrs from Russel who sat right beside the tub the entire time.

the jacuzzi.

I get out my book and have music playing from the phone when all of a sudden the jets come on! I whip around to see if the cat was standing on the button, which he wasn't. As I turn back around the bubbles are now raising up fast. Fast meaning within 10 seconds those bubbles have risen and are going to spill over the edge in 3...2...1.

All I can picture is bubbles going everywhere in the bathroom and ruining something! Finally I get the hose and start lightly watering the bubbles down, which helps.

Finally the jets go off.

::heart rate comes down::

I guess when the tub senses water in the tub, it turns the jets on automatically for a few minutes. Wasn't expecting that.

So moral of the story? Don't put soap in the jacuzzi. Just don't.

Best part is hanging with these sweet guys. Russel is the small grey one and Gary (yes, named after the snail in Spongebob, that's what happens when a 8 year names the cat) is the bigger one.

Russel LOVES when I put the electric fireplace on.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

weight loss update. and link up.

I know I talk a lot about my weight on here. It's something that I've always struggled with. I remember being in grade 9 and being so down about my weight, being so angry at other girls who were able to eat fast food for lunch and look amazing. Naturally, since my grandma works for weight watchers, I joined. Yup, I was in grade 9, 15 years old when I went on a "diet."

I call it a diet because I was looking for a fast-fix. I didn't put in the work at.all. Needless to say, on and off for the next 3 years  I failed. I tracked only the "healthy" foods, because if you don't track the unhealthy foods it didn't happen would forget to track dinner and yet couldn't figure out why I wasn't losing weight. I would sit in meetings and pout when other people got to their goal weight. I did have times where I gave up. Quit going. Then I would see myself in pictures or the mirror and would start tracking.

I dropped 8 pounds in those years. 8 little pounds. It was so embarrassing when the topic of  me and weight watchers came up in conversation. I hated when people asked how much I've lost and would dread saying 8 pounds (or less when I say gaining.) The looks of surprise hurt. I know people were thinking I was going to say a bigger number.

And I know what someone might say "8 pounds is 8 pounds." or "at least it's going down."

True. But 8 pounds over 3+ years? Absolutely horrible to me.

Over the summer I didn't lose anything. Maybe it was the pizza we ordered or my mindset of "oh hey I biked 4.5k to work so I can have 3 slices of pizza, a pop and chicken wings." I still weighed-in but wasn't happy with the results.

Aug 14,2011.

Then in october something happened. Call it what you will but I "saw the light." I was going to weight watchers meetings every saturday, tracking and doing "well." But the only time I would lose on the scale was when I wore a lighter pair of pants or didn't have a big dinner the night before. I was seriously thinking of quitting again. This time for good. I started thinking about school and how I couldn't take 3 hours out of my saturdays to get up, have breakfast, shower, do hair/make up, drive to weight watchers, actually weigh in, listen to the the meeting and go home.

As I was telling my mom my plan I remembered that Susan and Katie and great results doing weight watchers on-line. I looked into it and on October 29, 2011 I joined ww online.

So far I have lost 13.4 pounds! I have started running like crazy. Since November 23,2012 I have ran 103km (plus a few more from when I was training for my 5k in October) and not stopping.

I've also lost 3.5ish inches from my waist and hips. The jeans are getting loose and I have to wear a belt everytime I wear jeans. My family has noticed changes aswell. Like my uncle on Christmas eve. I was standing across the room and he yells out "hey sarah, you losing weight, thought so, your face looks smaller"

Favourite uncle right there.

I do have to say this. Yes, I do have weeks where I only lose 0.2. I do have weeks that I don't lose at all (happened over Christmas, which is fine!) I do have weeks were I gain 1.8.

It happens. Life happens. Again, it's a lifestyle change. Not a let's lose and gain it all back...and more.

LOOK! I have a waist :)
*this morning*

As we enter a new year, I don't want to stop with this life-style change. My one and only sibling is getting married in May and I want to look hot! It would be so nice for my SIL to set me up with one of her 37 first cousins!

My action plan:
  • continue with watchers online.
  • keep kicking runnings butt
  • run many races this year, starting with...
  • a 5k in Febuary, a 10k on april 22 and an another 10k on may 5
  • add in weight training once a week.

I do have a goal weight and goal measurements  When I get to my goal(s) I will share with y'all. *hopefully it's before may 12, 2012*

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New me.

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I'm not one to make new year resolutions. I'm already losing weight, I don't smoke so I can't say those are my new year resolutions.

Right after Christmas I started thinking about things I want to accomplish in 2012. Some are things I already do but want to do more of and regularly.

1) Donate blood three times this year
2) Get to my goal weight. Before May 12, 2012.
3) Spend time in bible study daily. Reading my Girlfriends in God and Wisdom Retreat email and books, starting with Trusting God. 
4) Run a 5k (feb 12, 2012) and two 10k (april 22, 2012 and may 5, 2012)

Yup, I think for right now those 4 sound good.
What are your new year resolution(s)? Leave a comment and tell me.

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Happy Birthday to my Uncle Paul!