Tuesday, May 28, 2013

His and Her's Hobby

I love the kind of weekends that I just had, the ones where it's busy busy but at the sunday evening time, you still feel rested and ready for the week ahead.

I had my 3 day weekend last week so this was just a regular joe weekend for me.

Saturday, I met Alex at his work, Copper Creek Golf Course so we could go golfing in the evening. I had to carbo load for my half marathon the next day so we grabbed dinner at copper while meeting lot of the staff he works with. It was so good to meet the people he talks about all the time and put faces to names.

We golfed the front 9 holes, and he says I wasn't to bad for my 1st time (and he knows what he's talking about, Alex has taught many who are 1st timers.) And I only had to hissy fits on the course. Go me!

Sunday I woke up at 6:20am to run my 3rd half marathon. Yes, 3rd one in 8 months! I wasn't looking forward to running at all since I didn't train at all for this half like I did in February. My plan was to walk for 1 minute every mile, which helped stretch out my legs and hips. Overall, I'm so happy I finished in 2:15 minutes! I'm planning on running another half in October and I plan to finished under 2 hours. Pretty do-able.

Always sad to see weekends leave, at least another one is just around the corner.

Sami's Shenanigans

Friday, May 24, 2013

If I won the lottery...

Every few weeks, when Alex buys a lotto ticket for the "big loot", as he calls 'em, we sometimes day dream what we would do if we ever won a whole heck of a lot of cash.

1) First, I would get mani and pedi's weekly without feeling guilty. Hello nice nails all the time!

2) I would take my friends on an amazing trip. My choice is Bora Bora. 

3) I would take a trip during football season to Chicago so Alex could see a game.  That guy would be in heaven. 

4) I would buy a beautiful house. Or build my dream one.

5) I would buy a mazda 3! It's my dream car. In silver. 

6) Money would be given to my favourite charities. Like the Humane Society, Breast Cancer Foundation.

7) My family would be given out money. I know that everyone would use some extra. 

...8) And of course I would save money. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Running MoJo is back!

Past couple of weeks I've been so sad about my lack of interest in running. My body has sure been sad too as it was craving some good sweaty workouts and yet I hated the thought of running. Blah.

I re-joined weight watchers this week after a 7 month hiatus and I knew I would have to get into running to help with losing weight and toning up. 

It felt so good to realize I've ran almost 10miles this week! Boo yah. Even better, it felt so good while running to actually not be hating every second of it but to be happy and wanting to go farther than what my goal(s) were for that run. 

My week on weight watchers was great, I won't be doing this every week but I did lose 2.8 this week! I noticed that I fail during snack times and eat way to much to be considered a "snack." That's being corrected! 

Happy long weekend. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Last Weekend in Pictures

Even though it is Friday, I'm finally getting around to blogging about the family-friend wedding my family went to last Saturday. The groom, is my brothers childhood best friend and was the best man at his wedding last year. Sofia and Jesse are high school sweethearts so it's been a long time coming. 

It's no secret that I love weddings. From the romantic ceremonies to the party afterwards, I love weddings! 

We had so much fun at the mostly all Greek ceremony and dancing to traditional Greek and Italian music after. Yes, we were those English people who tried to copy the foot counts and failed. At least we tried, right. 

Alex and I have a wedding in late September and we are so pumped already!

Enjoy the long weekend!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Oh, I can see!

"Oh wow! Everything is so clear!"

...Was my first thought when I wore my new glasses outside. I was noticing when I would drive at night the lights were blurry and I realize now that I wear prescription glasses I can actually see the lines on the road! Don't laugh, I thought what I was seeing was totally normal! I always knew I would have to buy glasses at some point in my life because of my parents awesome eye genetics. Thanks mom and dad. And of course my lucky brother doesn't need glasses. 

If my prescription changes anytime soon, which I hope it doesn't. I would buy from GlassesUSA.com. Most or all of their glasses are marked down so you won't be paying full price and they have a really cool feature to try their glasses on all in the comfort of your own home. Very handy. The eyeglasses I choose, would be very modern, with black or brown shapes... like the one below. After trying on what felt like all the glasses Glasses USA had to offer, I finally picked these ones. I liked how I could see what they glasses would look like on my face, and see if my face shape went with the frames or not. I think they did for these ones!

You like?

Note: This is a paid sponsored post from Glasses USA but thoughts are my own. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Thoughts

  • It's the middle of May and it's feels like the middle of October in Toronto. Yesterday it was a high of 9, with flurries in some areas of Ontario and Environment Canada issued a frost warning. Mother nature is cruel. Cruel I tell you. 

  • Yesterday was my brother Ryan and Danielle (my Sister in Law's) 1st wedding anniversary. That year went very fast!

  • Turns out Alex and I have the same dating anniversary as Ryan and D. How crazy is that?!

  • I joined weight watchers again last night. My goal is to lose 14-17 pounds. So far it is going well. I just had lunch and completely starving. The old me would say "go eat more" but I know I've had enough. I'll just continue to eat my baby carrots. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

The State of my Body

Last year, I took charge of my weight and lost a little over 30 pounds with running and weight watchers. Took me about 5 months because I wanted to look great for my brothers wedding in which I was a bridesmaid. And? I did. When my brother got married (this weekend last year) I felt so amazing, beautiful and I couldn't stop looking at the pictures of me that were took. 

Then summer came, and I started dating Alex. I gained the "honeymoon 15", but thank goodness it wasn't 15, or even close to that. Right now I'm about 6 pounds heavier than when I met Alex. I still worked out but I wouldn't be focused because I knew I would be meeting him and my mind was else where. 

When I started back at school in September I wasn't running as much. School got tougher and I felt that I couldn't go out running for an hour when I had an essay to write. Or when my boyfriend and I were going a date later. Basically, exercising was put on the back burner. Totally my fault.  

Then I ran my 1st half-marathon in October and decided I wanted to beat my time so I started training in mid December and ran a 2:07 Half Marathon in February. That was amazing. Even though I was running, that's all I did. No weights to tone or ab workout either. Granted, some days when I ran 12km or more, that was my workout for the day because I had no energy. But the days during the week where I was running 5k, looking back on that I could have pumped out for bicep curls and bicycle crunches. But I didn't. So my legs were strong and had muscles but everywhere else, was flabby. 

After my half in Feb, I took 2 weeks off to rest my body, and then running became once a week and maybe the max I ran was 5k. Naturally my body changed and I left it. The scale was sssslllooowwwwlllyy going up week by week. I became unhappy with myself, how I mirrors again how I was back looking at women's bodies saying how much I wanted that. The skinny ones that I once was. 

Then I went on vacation last week with my skinny best friend. And every picture I took I had to fight the urge not to delete. Then Karen wanted to take pictures on the beach, when we were in our bathing suits. When I looked at the many she took at me, it took everything I had not to cry on the beach. 

I swear thats not how I look. I never thought my stomach looked like this but pictures don't lie. 

It became really bad when I started wanting to skip meals on vacation and would rather spend time in the gym and not on the beach or pool. I was so unhappy and still am. 

I worked so hard last year and now I feel like my habits are back. I feel like I'm letting myself go and I even have looked at women who are very big and thought "I hope I don't look like that at 50+)

 I so badly want to get back to that place where I have confidence  in how I look. Where I'm in charge of my weight and food. So, my plan of action now is to make meal plans, do some sort of physical activity every day. I've started running again, ran 14k since sunday and weights are my friends. I plan on biking to summer school classes and go to skin class 1x a week. For food: I want to join weight watchers again to lose 10 pounds (6 that I gained since july 2012 and 4 more for "room.") It worked last year, and I know it'll work again. 

I know I'll get back. Back to my "comfort" number on the scale. And the comfort body I once had. Stay tuned. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Vacation Withdrawal is the worst.

Coming back from vacation to real life is so hard. Especially coming back from the beautiful Punta Cana. Karen and I went on a girls week trip there this past week and it was so amazing. Never had so much fun with her and it was much needed. Now that she and I are in serious relationships we spend less time with each other so this week was great to spend together.

We mostly would spend the afternoons on the beach and later headed to the pool to cool off and enjoy more drinks. We got in some workouts at the gyms, gotta burn off that buffet food! 

We stayed at the lovely Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana (in the Ambar side) which is 21+. For a girls week we wished we weren't put there because we were the youngest by far in Ambar and by 10:30pm all the adults were sleeping. 

The weather was perfect. Only rained for a few hours on the Thursday during the day and the rest was sunny and HOT! The food was great, mostly North American food (pizza, hamburgers) but by the end we were sick of the same foods even though they did try and rotate different kinds in every meal. 
Other than that we can't wait to go back! Worth it.