Tuesday, December 31, 2013

See ya, 2013.

End of the year post and reviews are my favourite posts to read. They never get old and I lurve looking back on everyone's year and remembering when such and such happened. 

For me and my family, 2013 was much better than 2012. I hope it continues that way. 

In January, my mom started radiation for her breast cancer. We were glad Chemo was over but nervous what radiation would do. Alex and I celebrated 6 months of dating. It's amazing-we thought we had our relationship at that time down pat, and really knew each other---growing is good. 

February, with it being cold was tough. This is when my Grandpa Hannon's health went down hill. Just couldn't kick a bacterial infection and he was in and out of the hospital for a good 3 months. Add in thinking he was going to go, the second month of 2013 wasn't good to us.  I also ran my 2nd half marathon in 2:07! 

In March, I turned 21 which felt great. And the weather turned nice--finally! I hit another running rut (again) (they happen) 

April was amazing--month of vacations  Karen and I went to Punta Cana for a week and Alex and I went away to Niagara Falls on our first trip away together. And I finished my 2nd year of school. 2 down 2 together. 

The year of weddings started in May, my brother childhood best friend and his girlfriend of 6 years got married. That was sweet. After looking at vacation pictures I got depressed with how I let my body and weight get.  I also got into golf during May---thanks to Alex. 

In June-we thought we were going to lose Grandpa Hannon. I was called home from school to say my good bye's, thankfully he made it and hasn't been in the hospital since. In the middle of the month, cancer had been around for a year. To make June happier, I did Colour Me Rad run (everyone should do it!) 

Best part of July was celebrating 1 year with Alex! 

August taught me life lessons about true friendships. I realized who was true and who is fake around me and people who bring toxins into my life. 

Summer was over and 3rd year started in September. It was also the time I shared my own fears about my mom heading back to work and the cancer.  Best part-Karen got engaged! 

October was a fun month, pumpkin patches and a 1:57 half marathon and joining the YMCA.

November was stressful! School was no joke and I felt that I had way to much on my hands/on the go

Lastly, December brought food changes as I joined the Paleo diet and started cooking more healthy meals.

I can't wait for 2014. So excited for things that are coming up and things we don't know about at this moment. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The half-marathoner who hates running.

Whew----not sure that's even a word but let's pretend it is. No Christmas re-cap here. I'm sure everyone will be doing them come later this week. But, Santa was good to me. I had 3 dinner's with my family back to back which was great at times but a lot of family time. I did get a Canon t3 rebel so no more Iphone pictures!

Right now I'm texting my boyfriend Alex and being lectured about not going to running group again this morning. I had my alarm set for 7:15am to leave enough time to get ready and when that annoying alarm went off I tried (really I did) to get out of bed and get ready. That didn't happen and I went back to bed for another 2 hours. I feel bad because I haven't run in almost 3 weeks. Getting up there to my longest hiatus of not running. 

Running right now is boring, it's cold and I hate every second of it as well as everyone else I ran with. It's annoying to be running in a group with people complaining about this and that. But when I go to the Y and do BodyPump or Bootcamp I'm all over that stuff. It's hard but I love doing it. For example, tomorrow I have planned to do a noon class and so excited already for it. 

I do think I've burned myself out, running 3 half marathons in 2013 and maybe I need a break. I'll 100% go back to training for another half marathon but right now I'm really enjoying building muscle.
I would rather do workouts that I love than torture myself with doing workouts I hate. 

So on one hand I miss running and the other hand I love going to the Y so my plan to get the best of both worlds is do run with my group during there smaller milage runs and continue lifting at the Y. That sounds do able. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Ice Storm

Well, we survived the great (still happening) ice storm of 2013. But barely. 

Saturday night we lost power around 10:30pm and it came on 5:10am Monday morning. 30 hours of no power. No heat. No lights. To the girl who is scared of the dark---it was not fun! 

I feel sick to my stomach for the people who still are without power. It's been too long. Not to mention getting closer to Christmas. We went to the mall this afternoon and saw literally, so many families huddled around outlets, charging phones and laptops. Hearing them call loved ones, letting them know everything is ok. 

Even though this storm came at a horrible time, dead of winter and 2 days before Christmas, it sure teaches us whats important. 

Stay safe, Toronto. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Boring, bored.

I am bored. The last few weeks leading up to exams being done all I was looking forward to was sleeping in, working out when I wanted and just being lazy. Last night when I was hopping into bed my dad poked his head in and asked what I was going to do tomorrow, whatever the heck I want. Made him laugh because literally I can now.

But----I'm so bored being off school. There is only so much How I met your mother I can watch during the day. 

I was excited to go into work on Thursday afternoon, make some money and the few hours would give me something to do during the day. Except my boss called to say my partner called in sick and swimming was cancelled. Lovely. That idea went right out the window. 

I know once classes start up again in January, I'll be wanting to go back to holidays.


So, I'm off to the gym and finish my Christmas shopping in hopes of curing my boredom. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Coconut Macaroon with Raspberry Chia seed jam {cookies}

I have the yummiest {healthiest} cookie recipe for you to bake. Mmm I want some now.

Before I start, I need some prayers and positive thinking. Alex is applying for a job within this field and this would be the start of an amazing opportunity for him and us. It's a step up and a much deserved promotion. 

Okay, the recipe. I made these paleo cookies for Alex's family last weekend when we met for Christmas, they were gone fast and they didn't know the cookies were paleo! Score. 

Coconut Macaroon's with Raspberry Chia seed jam

Yield: 10 macaroons

For the macaroons:
1.5 cups unsweetened flaked coconut
1 cup almond flour (or almond meal)
scant 1/2 tsp fine grain sea salt
1/2 cup pure maple syrup
1/4 cup coconut butter, softened (no subs- this binds the cookies together)
1 tsp pure vanilla extract

For the chia seed jam (makes about 1 cup)
3 cups frozen raspberries
1/4 cup pure maple syrup, or to taste
2 tbsp chia seeds
1 tsp pure vanilla extract

1. For the chia seed jam: Add frozen raspberries and maple syrup into a medium pot and bring to a simmer. After 5 minutes or so, stir in the chia seeds. Continue to cook down the mixture for about 15 minutes, or until thickened. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla. Chill in the fridge for a couple hours to thicken it up even more.

2. Preheat oven to 275F and line a baking sheet with a non-stick mat or parchment paper. If you have a non-stick mat, use it because it will help prevent browning on the bottom.

3. In a large bowl, combine the coconut, almond flour (or meal), and salt.

4. Melt the coconut butter over a very low heat. I suggest using a double boiler so it doesn’t burn.

5. Add the maple syrup, softened coconut butter, and vanilla into the dry mixture and stir very well until combined. The dough will be very wet and sticky, but this is normal.

6. Grab a couple tablespoons of dough at a time with your hands and drop it onto the baking sheet. With a wet finger, press a well into the middle and lightly shape the outsides if necessary. Repeat for the rest. Fill each well with jam. The macaroons don’t spread out so there’s no need to space them far apart.

7. Bake at 275F for 20 minutes. Rotate the pan and bake for another 10-20 minutes (I baked for 40 mins. total – but you may need less depending on your oven) until the bottoms are lightly golden and browned, but not burned. If you have a hot oven, I suggest watching it closely or even reducing the heat to 250F. Place pan on a cooling rack for 5-10 minutes and then transfer each macaroon onto the cooling rack until completely cool. The macaroons will be very soft at first, but will firm as they cool. I enjoy them the most chilled, straight from the fridge.

And for your viewing pleasure...taken from Monday's Christmas party

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lessons from the homeless man

I'm not sure if it's because winter is here and it's super cold out, or that Christmas is 9 days away meaning it's approaching quick but when I'm downtown I've been noticing more and more homeless folks around. Some huddled together and some alone just asking for a coffee or some spare change.

I, like most people who live in the city pass by them and shake our heads no when asked if we have any spare change. Without eye contact. 

 The other day though, I was the only one climbing down the stairs at the subway from the Y when I heard the homeless man at the bottom say hello to me. Not wanting to be rude and not acknowledge him (I was the only one in the stairwell) I said "hello there" with eye contact and a smile. Nothing much.

What he said to me after breaks my heart. 

As I was walking away he says,

"Thank you for that beautiful smile. You have a great evening and a Merry Christmas." 

That breaks my heart because the tone of his voice was "whoa, someone actually said hi/looked at me. Not treating me like I'm an eyesore and a bother. 

After I told him to have a good day as well and got on my train to come home I kept thinking that's all they want (other than money)...to be acknowledged. For someone to smile at them. 

So homeless man at College Station. From now on I, when I pass a person who is down on their luck, I will smile at them and say hi more often. It's the least I can do to brighten their day.

Thanks for giving me that lesson. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What the neighbours think.

I'm taking a little break from stuffing my head full of Canadian Politics (which is actually really interesting). Exam is tomorrow and I need to pass.  Keep them positive thoughts coming my way. 

Christmas is in full effect here at the Hannon household. Tree is up, snow globes are out and the music is playing every waking moment. Totally sound like a cheesy commercial for Walmart or something. I was sad that we didn't cut down our own tree at a farm like we did a few years back. Turns out those trees were from Quebec.
Today I decided to study at home, instead of going to the library. Big mistake. I just cant study at home. My day literally is "oh I gotta pee" "and now that I'm up I'll check my phone for messages." 

5 minutes later. 
"but I need a snack to keep me going"-gets up and makes food
And before I know it, 2 hours have gone by and I've done 15 minutes of studying.
When I study at home I never get dressed. No point to me. And so when the mailman delivers the mail and the lovely neighbour comes and gives my Christmas decoration that fell down, they both give me strange looks. So what if it's 3pm and I'm not dressed. Stop judging!

I've decided to not run a half marathon in March. That's when my next half should be if I keep following the Running Room schedule. I'm still going to run with everyone to keep active but with school keeping me very busy, I don't want to let my marks slip again because I'm focused on training. 
Also, I'm obsessed with the Y and the classes there. 
So if I miss a run here or there? Not a biggie. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Paleo talks

I completely forgot to mention on here that I'm doing the Paleo 30 day challenge this month. I know, crazy to do it during the holidays with all the sweets and christmas cake but I didn't want to wait till January. I've been working out like crazy, pumping it at bodypump and want to see results and not ruin my workouts with the food I put in my body.

I've been eating tons more veggies throughout the day which is my main down fall (isn't it for every one?!)

It's been fun making new recipes like spaghetti squash and smoothies for breakfast or a quick snack. And Paleo pancakes, opposite of what I've heard aren't that bad to eat!

It's going good. Lost 3.2 pounds like week and also over the past month- 6.5 cm! That's crazy to me. feel great. Light----all day long which is why I'm doing the challenge. 

4 days separates me and the end of this semester. It's been a tough one. The expectations are different and it's been a lot to get used to (again.) 

I'm looking forward to sleeping in everyday and doing whatever the heck I want everyday. I think I've earned it. 


TLC always, always sucks me in to shows. Currently, I can't get enough of Breaking Faith. A few months it a go it was Breaking Amish and now it's FLDS folks. Just something about these ways of life and faith that sucks me in. Anyone else?

That's enough from me, gotta get back to the books. Almost done. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

New beauty finds

With a title like that you'd think I was a beauty blogger. In my dreams. 

I *think* I have found the new holy grails of makeup. I want to hug them all for how awesome they are. 

First, let's talk about my dark circles. Pretty sure my genes hate me and have decided I rock the look of death everyday, even with 9 hours of sleep. But nothing would hide the colour or stay on for my long days of classes without fading asap, or getting into my fine lines which made me look old! 

I finally went to Sephora and carried on about my problems with concealors. The nice lady set me up with the Buildable one and so far it's covering the circles, keeping my eyes hydrated all day long.

Garnier BB cream is amazing. Just amazing. Put that on and a little foundation and boom, you look like a million bucks. 

Urban Decay gets two thumbs up in my book now too. I was finding my eyeliner is mad fading fast and I needed something that would stay on during the day. So that when I'm going home from school my makeup still looks good. This eyeliner does it. They weren't lying when it claims to stay on for 24 hours...it really does. 

I'm so happy to have finally tried these products. Very pleased. 

What other products are you guys loving?  

Friday, November 29, 2013

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, for Christmas I'd love a few things. Here they are, since you need lists. 

1) A new hair style. Mouse-y brown isn't doing it for me anymore.
2) A white piko, goes with everything. 
3) Kendra Scott earrings. Stunning. 
4) This Stella and Dot necklace. Simple and yet bling-y. 
5) Urban Decay 3!!!! So pretty. 

And peace on earth. And all all cats and dogs have forever homes. 

Whats on your list this year? Anything I'm missing. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Crazy crazy crazy days.

The past two days have been crazy insane and so! stressful. Today better be...better.

Monday started out a good day, had breakfast with Alex, talked about the new place he's moving into Thursday, how great the new area is...stuff like that. And off I go to school for the day. 

During the subway ride I decide to check the time, see if I time to grab a coffee and can't find my phone. After pulling out everything in my purse and gym bag, I realize duh! It's at his place pulled in and mister is at work now. Cue freak out and how will I manage 8 hours without celly!? 

Eventually I message him on facebook on my friends ipad and all is good, he'll drop it off later that night. It's sad how naked I felt without it. But it was nice.  I *may* forget it once and a while again. 

Yesterday was bad too. But started off good. Pattern maybe? 

My mom needed me out of the house early in the morning so I went to a new ymca location that I've never been to before to try out a new class. I got on the right bus from the right subway station and notice that google maps lied to me because we never passed Dovercourt. I decide to get off the bus and get google maps to give me walking directions. "Location unknown"-it reads. Stupid google maps. I call my handy navigator Alex and while he looks up directions I set my laptop down to rest outside a busy starbucks.

He calls back and says "just walk north a bit and it'll be the south side on the street." Done. Off I walk north. I'm walking and looking at homes, wondering what's it like to live downtown when all of a sudden I clue in that I didn't pick up my laptop when I started walking again!

Crap! I book it and sprinted hard for that 7 minute walk, praying that it's still there because it's two weeks before finals and all my notes! My notes! 

Karma was on my side today, it was still there. Not damaged, thank God-literally, he was watching it. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

IG ketchup

The Michael Buble CD is playing, coffee has been chugged (apparently I drink mine fast) and it's time to do some catch up with some instagram pictures.

I joined the ymca last month and lurrrveee it! Such a good choice. Typically do the bodypump classes and trying to do others. I did a class last friday and the next three days was hurting so bad. The kind of hurt that you cry out in pain when you use the 'loo. ya. 

I've been doing a lot of paleo baking. Loafs, cookies and lots of energy balls. I'm thinking of doing the Whole30 thing in December. Eating paleo and hard core clean eating for 30 days. Nice challenge. 

Hmm, what else is new? Oh! My mom and I have been doing a lot of "mommy-daughter" dates. Last we went to the Marilyn Denis talk show and next week the One of a Kind craft show. They make me happy. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Be present, or trying too.

It's true, isn't it? 

Lately, I've been making an effort to keep my phone kept in my purse or room and not to bring it out all the time. So the "go on pinterest while watching TV" thing isn't happening as much. No one wants to talk to someone when their nose is in their phone all the time. Time and place, I guess. 

I've been slowly cutting down on the amount of social media I use. Haven't gone on twitter in weeks, it's boring, no one cares that your kid took a dump in the tub. Sorry, I had too. But I didn't want to be that person who needed to check it the second class got out because gasp! I haven't check twitter in 3 hours. So that's gone. 

Yesterday, I was at work talking quickly with my co-worker about an issue I'm having at work and how stressed school is making me. As we were talking, her phone kept going off. She didn't answer the text but every time it went "ping" you could see her flinching, wanting to answer the texts. After I saw that picture today, it made me sad. Made me sad that this is our world now. Wanting, no needing to be connected every second of the day. 

I just want people to enjoy life, get the phones away from under our nose and be present in life. Read a book. Talk to people, face to face. Without wanting to ignore that person and answer some texts.  

How do you guys keep social media at bay? 

Say hello

Welcome to More Sangria, please! I love "meeting" new bloggers, so please, stay around. 

1) My morning routine is simple but I love it. Wake up, check emails, make bed and head into the kitchen for food because I'm always starving when I wake up. While sipping coffee I read the paper, get the what happenings all around. Then shower and off to school or work. 

2) Love instagram (@lifeofsarahh). my favourites are (in no order) @lovesoflife, @perfectlyjenn and @paleoOMG. 

3) My daily reads vary but I love reading paleo food blogs. More on that later. Also I love beauty blogs like Meg on the Go

4) My family is amazing and I love them. Living with my parents is great since I get to see them everyday but I miss my brother and SIL who live a few hours away. 

5) My favourite holiday tradition is going to my aunt's house on Christmas eve and opening stockings that my Gramma puts together for all 24+ of us. It's a really fun evening and something I look forward too. 

6) This one was hard to think of! But something random about me is how much I love to sing. Car, shower, church, everywhere. From disney to Lady Antebellum, Sarah loves singing.  

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


To quote every other blogger today, my brain is full and I can't write anything big...so here's fluff.

School is meh. It's boring, learning common sense is draining and I really do not like going. I have 3 weeks left and I can't wait. I need a change from some of my prof's. 
Do you ever feel like you are always on the go? Of course you do. I'm cutting back on my hours at work because with school, working out and work  and every little thing in between. I haven't been mentally healthy the past few weeks. 

I'm trying to find time each day to do something that brings me joy. Like reading or watching my favourite show. I need "me" time which is healthy and good!

I joined the YMCA two weeks a go and love it. So so so much. Mostly I'm doing body pump classes and a few barre classes (couldn't walk for 2 days, that's how good it was) I even woke up at 5:35am to get on time to the 6:30am body pump class. 


Alex is moving again. But so much closer! Come december 1st we will live in the same city! No more long distance relationship for us. yay. 

Yesterday my next half marathon clinic started. I misses it because I literally could not see out of my eye (something was in there)  but I can't wait to see new faces and all my friends that I haven't seen in 3 weeks! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Whin, Whin and more whiny

I'm pretty angry at my school right now---

Monday and yesterday, I had two big mid terms to study for. Since monday I had a 3 hour break (way to long btw) I went to the library with a friend of mine to study. Same with Tuesday. 

I walked around the library, went to 3 "study" floors, where I passed many people sleeping, watching videos on their computers etc. When I finally found a spot. 

Tuesday I did the same thing. Went to the study floors, walked around and found no empty seats. Finally I left, because no one was getting up and walked to where my mid term was being held and found a table and a chair and made my own study space. 

The reason I'm so mad? Ryerson can spend 175,000+ on painting the cement ground of our school colours when that money could be spent on more study spaces! Waste of money. Waste of hard earned $$$. It ticks me off.

I try and be a positive person, to be more "walk a mile in there shoes" before I say something in my head. Easier said than done. Right?

Well I lost it last night. It was Alex's birthday yesterday and I love celebrating people's birthday's because it's there day. We had breakfast together, he went to play golf with his 3 best friends as I went to school. After, some of his best friends said they'd come down to my area to have dinner. We were so excited. But it never happen since they bailed and made excuses about how long the drive is. The drive that Alex and I make a lot to spend time with friends. It hurts ya, know. To always make an effort to be somewhere and have it not returned. Alex is very hurt which makes me super sad. 

Friendship is a two way street. That's all I'll say. 

Feels good to get things off my chest. 

Monday, October 21, 2013


That was my time for yesterday's ScotiaBank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon...and beating my goal of finishing under 2 hours. I am so happy....very sore as you can imagine but soooo happy for seeing a "1" in my finishing time. 

I honestly could not have finished in 1:57 without my awesome dad who ran and paced me so we would cross the finish line by 2 hours. He was a pain, especially when he said "17km is up there, no more running every 10 minutes, we have only 30 minutes left" but in the end running the last 4km was crucial and it had to be done. 

It feels so good to see all my hard work pay off, of running hills and doing speed work during the past 4 months. I had doubts of finishing sub-2 hours but hey, I did it and that my friends is my new PB (personal best) 

Next goals? I'm still thinking about that. I'm not giving up running. No, not at all. But I want to start getting muscles and doing bootcamp workouts. What I'm thinking is running with the running group Wednesday's and Sunday's and joining the YMCA for group classes and fitting those classes in during the week. My next half will be the Chilly Half on March 2nd, 2014. 

Hmmm, what should my next goal time be? 1:55? 1:50?! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Thanksgiving traditions like going to the pumpkin patch is something my family never did. We always got our pumpkin from the grocery store, which was fun and all, but I knew going to pick one out at a farm would be better. 

So when Alex and I made our fall bucket list I think the first thing I wrote down was spending a day at the farm. 

We headed up to Brooks Farm with two of our friends and watched pig races, picked raspberries and ended the day picking out 3 perfect pumpkins that we'll crave next weekend. 

And I love that we got a picture in front of the pumpkins, it'll be so much fun to make a collage of them years later. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Random things about my better half.

Aug 2012

In the 15 months of being by Alex's side, I like to think I know him and his alex-isms (as I call them) pretty well. 

As I think about, I don't think I've introduced him officially on here and what he does. 

1) A went to OUIT and came out with a business degree. 

2) He uses that degree in the golf industry. Currently he is the assistant manager at Copper Creek Golf Course. And plans to move up to Manager and GM. 

3) Alex hates rasins. I don't understand how or why since I have a small obsession over them. 

4) His obsession is fruit bowls. He has told me that when we move in together that I'll be making him a fruit bowl everyday. I'm ok with that. 

5) Huge Chicago Bears fan. Funny because my family is a huge Packer fans. 

6) He's a small town boy and I'm a city girl. 

7) He loves animals like cats and doggies as much as I do. One of the things we love doing is pointing out cute dogs on the street and playing my it goes at home. 

8) Biggest heart. And loves lots. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

30/300 Ab challenge results part 2

After running hard core throughout the summer, I was noticing big time that my abs weren't in the best shape. Can't have nice legs and no abs!

I missed a few days so that's why I ended on the 7th. 

Now? Gotta make sure I keep the results up! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Run for the Cure

Sunday, in honour of Breast Cancer month, my family ran or walked the CIBC Run For the Cure. It was truly amazing to be surrounded by thousands of people whose lives have been directly affected by cancer. 

I wanted to hug everyone, especially those will freshly shaved heads from chemo, for both running that day and to encourage them. Which I hope Sunday did-keeps them fighting. 

In the end, the Hannon's (aka Team We are the Breast) raised close to $1200 that'll go towards finding a cure so hopefully one day our children won't know what breast cancer is. 

We will so be back next month to raise even more!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekly Workouts 10/07-10/13

Once again not my best week for working out. I went to run group on Tuesday which was great! Felt good to be back running with the group and had a great date night after. But when it came to weights, every time was boring. Even if I had a moment of this is soooo good next line would be this won't be enough to get you nice and lean. 

So, I've been crunching numbers and thinking of joining the YMCA so I have access to weight lifting classes. I'm thinking that after the half in two weeks, I'll run Sundays and Wednesday's and weight lift 2 other times a week. 

Last of ab challenge. Arms

7 km run

8 km run




10 km run

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Happy October. I'm so looking forward to Thanksgiving this month and going to the pumpkin patch! Fall is the best. 
I danced my shoes off (literally, as my feet were killing me) at a wedding on Saturday. Alex's childhood friend got hitched, knowing both the bride and groom made the wedding such a blast. 

I'm super sad the 2013 weddings are done. I wonder who'll get married next year? *cough* the bestie *cough*

On a sadder note, while I was dancing on Saturday Alcohol took my estranged Aunt passed away. We're all really sad for my cousins who now don't have a mom at all and sad that this substance took her from this earth.   Please keep my Uncle and his children in your prayers as they deal with this loss. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekly Workouts 09/30-10/06

Where did September go? Seriously, and where did this year go?!

I kind of fell off the workout wagon this week. I can't let school keep getting in the way or I'll start to feel flabby and not healthy like I did last year. I'm using the same workouts as last week since I didn't get around to doing them. 

Abs and Arms + this one

7km Run...let's hope I don't forget my sports bra at home again.

4x Speed Work

Abs and Arms

Abs and Arms + this one


18km Run

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This and That

  • I can't stop watching this kitten video. Come, on anything with a kitten is adorable to me!

  • I saw that movie with Alex on Saturday night. I don't do scary movies or anything that makes me feel unhappy. So needless to say, we left the movie with me shaking so much, sleeping with the light on and calling Alex on the phone from the other room so he could walk to 4 steps to use the bathroom at 5 am. 
  • I ate this this morning. Orange peppers with two eggs and a banana. Trying to slowly cut out grains from my diet as I'm noticing it's making me bloat a lot. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekly Workouts 09/23-09/29

Abs and Arms + this one

7km Run

4x speed work

Abs and Arms



18km Run

Running wasn't the greatest this week which makes me nervous because my half marathon is in 4 weeks! 

Tuesday I packed my running gear with me to go straight from class to the Running Room and was just having the crappiest day so I made the choice to skip running and just relax at home. 

Sunday (well yesterday) I didn't run with my group in the morning but went to church instead. So I ran later in the afternoon by myself. I miss the company of others!   

This week I'm hoping my runs are fantastic!  Check back next week ;)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The best friend is engaged!

Saturday Alex and I went to a co-workers of his wedding at his work, it was a blast and I couldn't stop smiling all night because earlier in the day Karen called me to say that she's ENGAGED! 

Matthias popped the question in the sweetest way and gave her a stunning ring. It's beautiful and so her. 

I can't wait for this wedding!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekly Workouts 09/16-09/22

Abs and Arms

7km Run

2x speed work

Abs and Arms

Abs and Arms


16km Run

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cancer Fears

I don't talk a lot about my mom's breast cancer on here. It's strange. I should, to maybe help someone who comes across my blog and maybe help them not feel alone. Especially for the children of parents who cancer. Because as much as cancer effects the person who has it, this disease effects in so many ways the family members too. 

Last week my mom went back to work (teaching) after being off for 11 months for treatments and to recover. 

It was so awesome to have her home everyday. Not just for meals being cooked but she was so relaxed and calm which is what she needed. 

But now, she's back working full time while trying to take care of herself (meaning working out, crafting etc) and the stress level in the house in back where it was before she got sick. 

I'm huge believer that cancer happens because the body is at dis-ease about something. I truly believe from my mom's case that cancer happen to remind our family to not sweat the small stuff. That eating someones chicken is not the end of the world. I know that cancer happen to give us another chance to become closer as a family. And the past 11+ months it did. My family talked more, said I love you more. Hugged and changed our priorities. 

But now things are changing, and I'm scared. The stress levels are back up, the arguments about the tiny things are beginning again. This is not what she needs. 

I've broken down in the past days because I am so afraid that the cancer will come back at some point. 

I hate cancer with everything I have and cannot see another loved one go through that again. Or anyone in that sense. 

I've been doing so much praying in the past days. To keep my mom healthy and for my dad and I to do the best we can around the house. Please, pray too. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekly Workouts 09/09-09/15

I'm finding it easier to stick to my workouts by writing out my workouts for the upcoming week, so ya, they'll be sticking around.

Abs and Arms + this one

7km Run

10 Hills

Abs and Arms

Abs and Arms


19km Run

And of course, doing my 300/30 ab workout everyday. Before and After will be Oct 1st. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Start of 3rd year.

I can't believe at almost 22 I'm getting nervous for classes to start up again. I mean I could always have a hard prof or fail my first class. But to be honest I'm most nervous to see what friends are in my first class today. I always need at least 1 close friend in my class. 

I'm starting my third year at university today. This time next year I'll be going into my final year! And that's crazy to think how fast time went. This is the start of the end...in a way. Or maybe I'm just being dramatic. 

Summer was great. Went by fast as always. I had a good one. I loved my lifeguarding job that was from 9-5pm because I felt like I had a life. Alex and I spent a lot of time together and grew so much. I got an awesome tan that will be gone in 3 weeks.  I ran a lot with the Running Room which has turned me into a crazy runner girl with awesome leg muscles now! 

But I am ready to get classes started. As much as people tell me not to say this, I cannot wait for school to be done for good and just work. To have my own classroom and be called Ms.Hannon.

So excited. 

So heres to a great school year. Heres to learning so much more about children and how to teach them the best way. And heres to another summer gone. You were good '13.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekly Workout 09/02-09/08

Another week gone, seriously where does the time go. More importantly where did summer go?! School for me starts at noon tomorrow and I feel summer just begun. 

Anyways, this past week for workouts was pretty ok considering I was working later in the day than normal.

My runs were actually great. Past weeks when I'm cooling down from hills runs I'm sore and tired! But I ran with Karen on Thursday and by hill number 8, I felt like I could have kept going. On my long runs I've been getting bad leg cramps towards 9-10 kilometers and for the rest of the run I'm in pain. I was talking to my dad about what I could do that would stop the cramps and soreness, he said more gatorade and eat a gel earlier. I did both and guess what! NO CRAMPS! 

My goal for this week is continue to do my daily workouts and get into that routine with school starting so it sticks. 

This month I'm also going the 300/30 Day Ab Challenge. I did it over a year a go and got amazing results, no clue why I stopped. Flabby core be gone!

Abs and Arms

7km Run+Abs

9 hills=11km+ Abs

Abs and Arms

Abs and Arms

6km Run and Abs

18 km! Hold me. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekly Workouts 08/26-09/01

Eating this week sucked so much. Actually, now that I think about it I'm pretty upset about my food habits this week. For one, I truly have no idea why I eat the packages of chips ahoy at 9:30am when I had something healthier to eat with me. Also, I went out for dinner for my co-workers Thursday and drank a lot which makes me upset. I hate drinking my calories. 

I also hardly tracked all week. Mostly in the morning but nothing in the evenings. No wonder I gained 2 lbs. 

Working out went good. I completed all workouts that I had planned to last week. I seriously miss swimming laps and have made a choice to do that once per week. Same feelings towards weights. 

This week will be a challenge as I'm working 12-7pm and not 9-5pm. It'll be fine to do weights and abs in the morning before work but not running. I'm not really a morning running for some reason. 

3km Run with Alex

7km Run


8 Hills...with Karen!


5km Run with Alex

16km Run

Friday, August 23, 2013

Letting Go

As of today, I am letting go of those in my life who treat me like dirt on their shoe. 

I'm letting go of "friends" who only bring negative energy to a relationship.

I'm saying see ya to those who think a friendship is a one way street. 

I'm done bending over backwards to be a good friend just be hurt.

Needless to say I'm done with those who act we're still in high school.

I will not be continuing to be a friend who I am not respected at all. 

I can't be in a friendship where I tell someone I'm hurt and they do not repent of their ways. 

I will surround myself with friends who want to truly be my friend.

Who value me and what I bring to friendships. 

Who respect me. Love me. And who do not harm me. 

I will put all my energy into relationships that deserve to be nurtured. 

I will stand up for myself. Starting now. 

I'm so glad that's off my chest. Being hurt once again by a friend whom I've known for years...hurts and I reached my breaking point. And no, I will not "let it slide" as I always do and eventually find my way back to being in her life. I can't, for myself, to involved with relationships like that. It's not fair to myself. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My new running partner.

Recently, Alex has wanted to become healthier, lose the pouch and workout more. 'Done" I said, let's start running. Since I golf with him too, but decided it was only fair to get into running. We even are doing Colour me Rad on August 31st and no, didn't take a lot of convincing to get him to sing up!

We're or should I say he is starting out easy with couch to 5k. We ran/walked 2k early last week and he liked it. Amazing since I've never heard of anyone finishing a ran and liking it. 

It honestly makes me so happy to know that he wants to live a healthier lifestyle and get a good sweat on. Makes it easier for me to maintain that lifestyle too. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekly Workouts 08/19-08/25

This week was okay for running. The past couple of weeks my tuesday runs have been bad. I feel like I'm not running naturally, a few kilometres in and I'm cramping up in my side or my legs are sore. I do think it's because my body isn't recovered from the Sunday long run. This past Sunday I spent much more time stretching. From now on I'm going to go swimming some time on Monday's to get the blood flowing and after wards do more stretching. I hope by doing this come Tuesday I can have a good 7km run.

I did well on making sure I workout my abs and arms this week. Did some abs moves on friday and still am sore! 

On the eating scene...I'm down 8 pounds since starting training for this half marathon! So happy to be seeing that new number. I know it's just a number but it makes me happy, okay? Still on weight watchers and slowly losing which is good for me. I am having a problem eating the crap food that is at work. The packages of cookies and treats people bring in. This week my goal is to eliminate how much processed foods I eat..especially at work.  

15 minute swim
Abs and Arms- here and here

7km Run

7 Hills


Abs and Arms

6km Run
Abs and Arms

17km Run

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekly Workouts 08/12-08/18

Opps, guess my mind was still on cottage mood so I totally forgot to write last weeks post about my workouts.

This week I want to do more weights and abs. My legs are great and really toned but my stomach and arms are flabby. 

Arms and Abs-a must!

7km run

5 Hills


Abs and arms

Lane Swim or 6km run

15.5km run

I have to do make sure I do arms and abs this week. It''s sad to think I can run for an hour but lifting weights tires me out so fast and can only do about 30 minutes. Sculpt those guns! 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The types of children I don't want to have

Tomorrow marks week 5 that I've been teaching children how to swim daily and guarding the brats every afternoon. Since spending loads of time with each of my classes, I've come to realize many things with children and their parents. 

I won't get into the amount of baby-ing I see. Don't want to go swimming? No worries, we'll try tomorrow *pulls child out of water* 


Legit as I'm teaching these children I catch myself so many times thinking/wishing to myself that I hope my children don't act a certain way or else I'll pull my hair out daily. 

Like this child. The child who is so painfully shy. No "hi, Sarah" when I acknowledge them. Nothing. I had no kid that who nine straight days when I said hi to her, just looked at me like I had 4 heads. And when you ask them a question like, hmmm, if they finished her 5 bobs. She did't answer. No shake of the head or nod. Zip. No shy children. 

The next type of child I sure do not want is the "oh, I can't do that" (open eyes under water, jump, floats) kid. Do you know how hard it is to teach a 5 year old to swim when they think they can't do certain things?! It's unbearable sometimes. And on the same note, where are children learning the phrase "can't do that" from anyways?

Oh, this child bugs me. The one who says "my mom/dad/grandma/friends cousins dad said I don't have to do (blank) if I don't want to." HAHA! Really? Well I don't to be in the cold water for 3 hours in the morning teaching but I have to anyways, so shhhh and do what I say. Kidding here, would never say that. But come on parents, don't say that to your child when my job is to teach them how to survive in the water. 

Granted, I do teach some pretty freakin good kids. The ones who listen, say hi and ask me how I am!!!! And aren't afraid to do something. Love them.

Only 3 more weeks. Hold on Sarah. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekly Workouts

How is it Sunday late afternoon?! Seriously, the days fly by. 

This wasn't my best week for running. Sunday was a slow 13k and my knees really started to get achy around 10k. I finished but I was very concerned. 

Tuesday wasn't any better. I missed running with the Beaches Running Group on Sunday so come Tuesday I was pumped to run 6k with my group after work. The traffic was horrible and by the time I got parked and sprinted over, everyone had started their run. So I ran 6k by myself which sucked. 

Wednesday, I missed hill training due to just being so darn tired mid-week. I know, I know. I should have gone. But I didn't. 

Saturday was a really good 6k run around my 'hood. Took 38 minutes. Pretty sure a PB.

This week:

Arms and Abs

7km run

4 hills

Arms and Abs


Maybe 6k...at cottage.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekly Workouts

Week 6 of 18 of half marathon training and boy, my legs have never looked more toned ever!  Guess those hills are working.

Abs and arms. 

6km run
Abs before work

4 Hills (approx 6km)

Abs and arms

Hot yoga

6km run

13km run

It'll be a busy week as my hours are longer this week and have a work training to go to Wednesday but I'm determined to get my runs in and tone those flabby arms! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Running Milestones

This week I hit an amazing (in my mind) milestone in running-over 1000 kilometers since November '11. I remember hitting 500 back late last year and thinking 1000 was so far away and I didn't even know if I would make it. But I did. 

Honestly, it's all thanks to the Beaches Running Room Half Marathon clinic. Boy, do they make you run but safely! 

I decided to not train for my next half by myself and thought since my dad has has amazing success in the RR clinics, I would try. Such a great thing they've got going on. They support and community I have is what I need to run a 2 hour half marathon in October. 

Along with running, I'm doing more weights and abs. The last time few times I've run halfs, all I've done to prepare was run, which ya, I need to do but cross training is so important!

Off for a 6k- 3 hill run tonight :) 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Concerts, 1 year.

Noticing a trend over this summer, people posting less which is great because I know they're spending it day-drinking on patios or with family but kind of sad at the same time. 

I haven't blogged in a while for many reasons, I get sad when I blog and no one comments. It hurts when I see someone blog a picture of a beer can and boom, they get 30 comments. 

I'm working a ton, 9-5 like a normal person and spending my evenings relaxing and most days running with the Running Room. 

But while I took a break, Alex and I his favourite band, Sublime play while it poured rain. Then on Thursday we went to the CN tower restaurant for dinner to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. Seeing my city from that view makes me love it so much more. 

So excited to see what year 2 brings :) 

Monday, July 1, 2013


Happy Canada Day! 146 years young. 

Saturday turned out a really nice day which was great since my parents and I went to a wedding at Scarboro Golf and Country Club. The bride's family is close friends of ours and the mother of the bride actually taught me Grade 5. Ashley was a beautiful bride. 

I'm running a half-marathon (this one will be my 4th) in October...which reminds me I need to register! And I  decided to train with the Beaches Running Room store. I run 4x a week with a few days of cross training so it's manageable. Yesterday we ran 11k, really slowly. Slow is good! 

I love having a support system in place. And having friends to talk to during the runs make the kilometres fly by!