Wednesday, March 19, 2014

No excuses, get up at work for it.

I shocked myself this morning. I really didn't think I would have time to workout today like I normally do-birthday celebrations for me and ton of school work. 

Instead of skipping todays workout like I wanted to, I decided to get an early morning sweat on and went to bodypump for 6:30. Yes, I was tired when I rolled out of bed and looked real scary on the bus but eventually I woke up and had a great workout. 

With school winding down in the next few weeks, going to the evening classes isn't going to work all the time with my schedule since I have papers after papers to write. Basically today was training day for "sweating at 6am" a few times a week.

Best part-It's a little after 11am and I'm halfway done what I wanted to complete for homework today. 

What really shocks me is the old Sarah would have made today a "rest" day and slept in till 9 and started homework later.  This is where I see non-scale victories, making myself accountable and doing something the old me wouldn't have done. 

I can't (we all can't) let life get in the way of working out and making good choices. So if going to the 6:30am classes is what fits for me that day-then I'll do it.  It'll be tough rolling out of bed that early but it's tougher not being happy in my skin. Quote that. (I'll make sure to read this when my alarm goes off next time at 5:40am.) 

Monday, March 17, 2014

From the dog

He looks great with a dog ;)

*Wipes sweat from brow*

Dogs...big dogs (useful ones ha) are a lot of work! A week looking after Fenway was tiring but very worth it, according to my don't-have-a-dog-but-loves-dog self. 

I've never seen a dog so happy to play in 18cm of snow, or have that much fun eating peanut butter from her cone. Maybe they all do, but my cats don't. 

Fenway taught us lots this week. 
First she taught us that my family is more of "let's babysit the dogs but we'll never buy one"
We'll stick with our cats.

Being with Fenny (I nicknamed her) made me think that dogs can really teach us a lot in life. 
-be outside. Don't spend our time in doors.
-Get plenty of exercise, especially walks.
-make people smile
-be busy during the day that you sleep so good at night
-cuddling is nice

and most importantly,
-don't jump on people. *Apparently dog owners need to say sorry when the dogs jump?* 

Gosh, she's been gone for a day now and I miss her to much. Such a good pup. 
Till next time, Fen.

What has your dog taught you?
Are you a dog or cat person? Why

Thursday, March 13, 2014

It ain't easy

This past weekend I went to a surprise party Karen's mom. Tons of fun and a great time to catch up with lots of people I have't seen in a while. 

During the afternoon, I had about 6 different people come up to me and comment about how good I look/ or were astounded with my weight loss and wanted to know what I've been doing. 

So I say 'well, I eat paleo about 80% of the time (as I was eating cake) and I've found some really challenging but fun classes at the ymca. ...mostly bootcamp and weight lifting." 

I guess some people think I woke up 39 pounds lighter and 10 sizes smaller because during these talks on saturday mostly everyone said something along the lines of how hard working out is, or that they hate veggies or don't have time to join a gym. 

Yes, working out is hard. It's not supposed to be easy. I hate veggies too but I know they're good for my body and health so I eat them. And you don't need a gym- I lost most of my weight by eating smaller portions and running a few times of week. 

It takes work, folks. Losing weight and changing bad habits is not easy. (Or else everyone would do it)  Cutting grains from my diet was tough but after a few weeks my body didn't crave them anymore. Working out is not easy, my saturday bootcamp class is a killer but it's changed my body so I keep going back. 

I feel I'm being a tad harsh but it's in a loving way. 

If you want something bad enough, go get it. 

Eat better. Go exercise. Better yet-aim to walk 10,000 steps a day. Drink more water. Make one change a week and do that thing for 7 days. Then add in a new thing. 

It's hard at first but then it becomes your lifestyle. I used to dread hitting the gym but now I'm there at least 4-5x a week because it keeps the stress down and it's just part of my weekly schedule. 

As much as I feel I'm touting my own horn- I'm not. I eat junk food, I like cake for birthdays and have days where my makeup looks good and I really don't want to mess it up by sweating. I struggle too. 
But I treat myself. I allow myself a treat meal every few days and next weekend I'll probably have a green beer for st. paddy's day. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Currently, Kasey Musgraves has been playing non-stop. I can't believe I even hated her songs.

Currently, I am writing a terribly boring essay on food banks which is tomorrow so I better get back to writing. 

I am currently loving my thursday morning bodypump. Best bodypump burn within the week. 

Currently, wishing next thursday will hurry up so I go back and build that muscle. 

Currently there is 4 weeks left of classes. 

Currently, wishing spring will arrive. Say it with me now, melt snow, melt. 

Currently, itching to get back into running. I miss it a lot. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

When the country music boyfriends go to country concerts

The lady who took out picture even asked if we were sisters. 

Even after 20 months between, I can't wrap my head around the idea that Alex hates country music because I don't. Only thing I really listen to lately. Our car rides are very interesting I'll tell you that. 

So imagine my excitement when we saw Lady Antembellum last weekend with my bestie. Yes, I was hoping to brainwash him into loving it. Not yet but it is my goal. 

In other news, winter can leave any time now. March 5th and still so much snow and so much cold. All I'll say is if there is a hint of winter in the air come my birthday I wont be a happy camper. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

So this is what happened when the Parents aren't around

Our words have a lot of impact, especially on children. They can either make or break a young child and as an educator that is something I remind myself on a daily basis when speaking with my students at placement. If only all teachers could say a little reminder to themselves every once an a while. 

Thursday afternoon I was dead tired and got myself a cup of coffee before the little guys came in. As I'm pouring another teacher comes in and starts to make small talk with me.
Teacher: "Hi lovely."
Me: "hi there!"
....getting cups and cream
T: "you're getting some coffee too, eh?
Me: "ya, I need a little something to get me through the rest of the afternoon."
T: "I know what you mean, my kids are being little fucks." 


I did that laugh that happens when you have no freakin clue what to do or say next. I regretted it right after. Knowing this teacher had no idea who I was, I introduced myself. Let's be honest, I could be something from the School Board.
"I'm Sarah, a Ryerson student in Mrs.____ classroom" 
"Oh I used to teach kindergarten, but now I teach Jr. Autism." 

At this point, I was furious she called her Autistic students that ugly word. Thankfully she left because I was just about to. 

It's been a few days now since this 30 seconds encounter happened but I just cannot get it out of my head. Educators have a job that requires them to love every one of their students. Giving love to the children who (in this school) do not get a lot of love at home. 

I get that we have our days and moments where we're tired, we've had a fight with our boyfriend, we're getting frustrated and ya, when the bell rings at 3:15pm and the students are gone, we are thankful the day is over or make a comment that so-and-so was annoying today. But it's a comment we make sure we could say in front of the parents. I do not believe that the Jr. Autism teacher could stand in front of a parent and tell them their child is a little fucker. No way Jose. 

The next day I saw her students perform a song/dance/play during the sharing assembly and the students did an amazing job. It filled my heart with so much joy seeing how proud one of the boys was when he finished his whistling solo. Then it made me angry when I saw the same teacher, give a thumbs up with a grin, praising this boy when the previous day she showed another side. 

I can only hope that as I was telling Alex about this that she was telling someone in her life how much she regretted calling them that name and saying it out loud to me. 

We have to love them.