Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekly Workouts 08/26-09/01

Eating this week sucked so much. Actually, now that I think about it I'm pretty upset about my food habits this week. For one, I truly have no idea why I eat the packages of chips ahoy at 9:30am when I had something healthier to eat with me. Also, I went out for dinner for my co-workers Thursday and drank a lot which makes me upset. I hate drinking my calories. 

I also hardly tracked all week. Mostly in the morning but nothing in the evenings. No wonder I gained 2 lbs. 

Working out went good. I completed all workouts that I had planned to last week. I seriously miss swimming laps and have made a choice to do that once per week. Same feelings towards weights. 

This week will be a challenge as I'm working 12-7pm and not 9-5pm. It'll be fine to do weights and abs in the morning before work but not running. I'm not really a morning running for some reason. 

3km Run with Alex

7km Run


8 Hills...with Karen!


5km Run with Alex

16km Run

Friday, August 23, 2013

Letting Go

As of today, I am letting go of those in my life who treat me like dirt on their shoe. 

I'm letting go of "friends" who only bring negative energy to a relationship.

I'm saying see ya to those who think a friendship is a one way street. 

I'm done bending over backwards to be a good friend just be hurt.

Needless to say I'm done with those who act we're still in high school.

I will not be continuing to be a friend who I am not respected at all. 

I can't be in a friendship where I tell someone I'm hurt and they do not repent of their ways. 

I will surround myself with friends who want to truly be my friend.

Who value me and what I bring to friendships. 

Who respect me. Love me. And who do not harm me. 

I will put all my energy into relationships that deserve to be nurtured. 

I will stand up for myself. Starting now. 

I'm so glad that's off my chest. Being hurt once again by a friend whom I've known for years...hurts and I reached my breaking point. And no, I will not "let it slide" as I always do and eventually find my way back to being in her life. I can't, for myself, to involved with relationships like that. It's not fair to myself. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My new running partner.

Recently, Alex has wanted to become healthier, lose the pouch and workout more. 'Done" I said, let's start running. Since I golf with him too, but decided it was only fair to get into running. We even are doing Colour me Rad on August 31st and no, didn't take a lot of convincing to get him to sing up!

We're or should I say he is starting out easy with couch to 5k. We ran/walked 2k early last week and he liked it. Amazing since I've never heard of anyone finishing a ran and liking it. 

It honestly makes me so happy to know that he wants to live a healthier lifestyle and get a good sweat on. Makes it easier for me to maintain that lifestyle too. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekly Workouts 08/19-08/25

This week was okay for running. The past couple of weeks my tuesday runs have been bad. I feel like I'm not running naturally, a few kilometres in and I'm cramping up in my side or my legs are sore. I do think it's because my body isn't recovered from the Sunday long run. This past Sunday I spent much more time stretching. From now on I'm going to go swimming some time on Monday's to get the blood flowing and after wards do more stretching. I hope by doing this come Tuesday I can have a good 7km run.

I did well on making sure I workout my abs and arms this week. Did some abs moves on friday and still am sore! 

On the eating scene...I'm down 8 pounds since starting training for this half marathon! So happy to be seeing that new number. I know it's just a number but it makes me happy, okay? Still on weight watchers and slowly losing which is good for me. I am having a problem eating the crap food that is at work. The packages of cookies and treats people bring in. This week my goal is to eliminate how much processed foods I eat..especially at work.  

15 minute swim
Abs and Arms- here and here

7km Run

7 Hills


Abs and Arms

6km Run
Abs and Arms

17km Run

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekly Workouts 08/12-08/18

Opps, guess my mind was still on cottage mood so I totally forgot to write last weeks post about my workouts.

This week I want to do more weights and abs. My legs are great and really toned but my stomach and arms are flabby. 

Arms and Abs-a must!

7km run

5 Hills


Abs and arms

Lane Swim or 6km run

15.5km run

I have to do make sure I do arms and abs this week. It''s sad to think I can run for an hour but lifting weights tires me out so fast and can only do about 30 minutes. Sculpt those guns! 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The types of children I don't want to have

Tomorrow marks week 5 that I've been teaching children how to swim daily and guarding the brats every afternoon. Since spending loads of time with each of my classes, I've come to realize many things with children and their parents. 

I won't get into the amount of baby-ing I see. Don't want to go swimming? No worries, we'll try tomorrow *pulls child out of water* 


Legit as I'm teaching these children I catch myself so many times thinking/wishing to myself that I hope my children don't act a certain way or else I'll pull my hair out daily. 

Like this child. The child who is so painfully shy. No "hi, Sarah" when I acknowledge them. Nothing. I had no kid that who nine straight days when I said hi to her, just looked at me like I had 4 heads. And when you ask them a question like, hmmm, if they finished her 5 bobs. She did't answer. No shake of the head or nod. Zip. No shy children. 

The next type of child I sure do not want is the "oh, I can't do that" (open eyes under water, jump, floats) kid. Do you know how hard it is to teach a 5 year old to swim when they think they can't do certain things?! It's unbearable sometimes. And on the same note, where are children learning the phrase "can't do that" from anyways?

Oh, this child bugs me. The one who says "my mom/dad/grandma/friends cousins dad said I don't have to do (blank) if I don't want to." HAHA! Really? Well I don't to be in the cold water for 3 hours in the morning teaching but I have to anyways, so shhhh and do what I say. Kidding here, would never say that. But come on parents, don't say that to your child when my job is to teach them how to survive in the water. 

Granted, I do teach some pretty freakin good kids. The ones who listen, say hi and ask me how I am!!!! And aren't afraid to do something. Love them.

Only 3 more weeks. Hold on Sarah.