Monday, June 27, 2011

water safety

As a lifeguard it's my job to save people who are in need and to teach children (and adults) how to swim so they can save their life. I always teach my "students" to never swim without a buddy and I'm always telling parents during free swim to make sure your arms-lengh away and dear-god-hold-on-to-that-child!

As a lifeguard/swimming teacher I believe that every single person on this earth should know how to swim. Along with that I believe those people should be educated about water safety, for example no drinking and swimming, swim with a friend (as I said before), parents GO INTO THE WATER WITH YOUR KIDS! Even if they know how to swim.

That brings me to my next point. Even if your kids know how to swim and have taken lessons, doesn't matter. As lifeguards we cannot swim without another lifeguard on the deck with us, watching to make sure nothing happens. Sounds silly right? I know how to swim (duh) but I need another guard there because you never know. So people, get in the water.

It breaks my heart when I hear about drownings. In the Toronto area alone, there have been many cases of people drowning in the past few weeks. They have been the classic child falls into family pool while gate was open, to the rare, women who has in condo hot tub who had a heart attack and went under water. It truly breaks my heart.

As I'm writing this I do realize swimming lessons are expensive. Where I work its $64 dollars for a 30min, once a week lesson that lasts 9 weeks. And? Parents have more than one child. It adds up. I get it, but there are free programs for families who need financial support and new to Canada. I'll I say, is take advantage of them. It's worth it.

As we went summer time, I ask that everyone is smart about their choices while they are around water. Please be safe. Oh and life jackets? Don't save life's. Don't just strap your child in one and think, it'll keep them up. Don't rely on them.

happy monday!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

me by the numbers

You know how some people while trying to lose weight post a picture of them at their heaviest on their fridge/cupboards for "motivation?" Well friends I found my "god-awful-picture."

On sunday at my fam-jam BBQ, my grandma was flipping thru my moms camera and came across a picture of me circa May 2007. She turned and looked at me and said "look how you've changed." After me gagging saying oh wow, she said that's a good motivation picture. My family is all about weight fyi. My g-ma works for weight watchers, my mom and I are on plan, my uncle/brother are gym freaks.

Without further ado here is the hideous picture.

Oh my dear baby Jesus. Yuck.
I have no clue how much my weight was at this time but my good guess who would 160+. And? I'm 5.4 on a good day
The thing I find funny is that day I thought I looked "good."

Right now I'm 149 pounds. I want to be at 140 soon. You've seen pics of me recently so I won't bother posting one of my current weight.

I'm very tempted to print this out and stick it somewhere to yes, remin me that I WILL NEVER LOOK LIKE THIS AGAIN! Unless I'm preggy, which will not be happening anytime soon.

*I know it's not about the number on the scale but come on, 160+? To much, no wonder my mom  made my brother take me running.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

my new obsession

I have a new obsession.
It's a good one don't worry. But I'm obsessed.

When I was on vacation, I had my own bathroom. In the bathroom was a curling iron and rollers. Most nights after dinner I would go to my bathroom and attempt to curl my straight-boring hair. The rollers? I didn't really like. The iron? Let's just say we became BFF's.

In a 14 day trip, my hair was curled about 7 times. I've always hated my straight hair so when I found out that I look half-good with curly hair, its all I ever wanted to do!

I took some pictures of my curly hair from sunday.

This might sound strange but when I curl my hair, its like I'm a new person. I love it looks. Its adds to the outfit and jazz's things up a bit.
So ya, that's my new thang. Loves it.

Happy thursday!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

shred: day 30

Well folks I did it (not all done because I still have day 30's workout to do later today.) Yup, thats right, I did the 30 day shred! To say that I'm very happy and proud is an understatement. A) I'm proud that I did the workouts everyday for 30 days and b) I'm very happy with my results.

I actually looked forward to my workout times. I didn't have the times where I didn't want to workout, I love working out so it was pretty easy for me to keep it up. It also helped that I loved the results that I wanted more time to workout to see more results. That being said, here are my pictures and stats!

day 1:
hips: 39
waist: 34

day 15:
hips: 39
waist: 29
chest: 34
thighs: 21
arms: 11

day 30:
waist: 29
chest: 34
hips: 36
arms: 12 (muscles)
thighs: 21.5 (muscle)

weight loss: 3 pounds
hips: 3
chest: 1.5
waist: 10? I still think I took the wrong measurement!

so now that I've done all 3 levels and the 30 days, what comes next? Well at first I was going to do the workout 2/3x a week, then I thought karen might want it but I have decided to do the 30 days all over again. Thats right, start back at level 1 and work my way up again. Call me crazy!

*sorry for the bad-ish photos. I'm pretty sure blogger is having some issue today because the pictures came out tiny on the page and I had to blow them up.

happy wednesday!

Monday, June 20, 2011

weekend rundown

This weekend was cray-cray! (crazy)

Every moment was jammed packed with something to do but in the end it was a goodie!

I loved friday the best. It was moving day for my bro and soon-to-be SIL. We woke up early, drove to my great aunts house (the one who moved into the nursing home a few weeks back) to pick up a stove, chairs, and a fridge that Ryan and Danielle were taking. We couldn't get the fridge out of the house but Ryan and his soon-to-be FIL are going back soon to take the doors off and see if they can get it to the new house. After a few hours there we all made the 2.5 hour drive to Ryan's new place in Peterbrough. I drove with my bro and my parents drove the moving truck. I was so glad to drive up with my brother because it gave us a good amount of time to chat and catch up. The only down side is that for the last hour Ryan decided he wanted to listen to the TSN sport talk radio. Two things I hate, sports and talk radio! It was brult. We stopped at Danielle's parents house (R/D are living there until their house is done) to see if D was up. She is a nurse (emergency room) and worked 7pm-7am the night before. She came around two to bring us water which we all were dying of! D's sister Andrea came too so it was a good time to talk wedding stuff. After we moved everything in Ryan took us around the town to see where the wedding will be held and such. It wasn't late by the time we got back to Toronto but we were beyond tired!

On saturday, my dad had a content sale at my great-aunts house. She had loads of stuff he wanted gone, so from 8am-2pm we sold stuff. It was a good selling day. We had a good amount of people coming in and made some good money for my aunt. We got home around 3 and best of all, my dad let me drive on the highway home!

Sunday we had a lovely fathers day BBQ. Since its my grandma's 69th birthday tomorrow, we had cake for her too. I love when my family can get together. The best thing I look forward too, is when my uncles start telling stories from their childhood. It gets everyone falling off their seats, tears streaming down their face. They do tend to exaggerate the stories but it makes them so much better. I didn't get pictures because I had to help with food and such but I did manage to get one of me!

*Mind the slippers!*

It was a great weekend, busy but great! I hope everyone else had a good weekend too!
happy monday!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The most annoying game...

Is Who am I.

This week I'm babysitting my younger cousins 3x a day. They come at 840am so I can walk them to school, then I have them for lunch and pick them up after school at 330. Its fun, except for this one game Adam and Grace play at lunch, or anytime.

Basically its like 30 questions. The first player thinks of a person in their head and says GO.
The other players go around the table/room asking questions in order to guess the person.
This is the typical way we play.

Adam: mkay, go
Grace: are you a boy?
Adam: no (now we knows its a girl)
Grace: are you on american idol?
Adam: no
Grace: are you 23?
Adam: no
Grace: are you 18?
Adam: yes
Grace: are you Selena Gomez?
Adam: YES!!!!
*add in a few, "ugh I hate this game," "just tell us Adam," "shot me please." by yours truly and that's the most annoying game.

I honestly hate it so much. I have no clue why I do but I just do okay?
When they start I actually need to leave the room because I feel my blood rising.
I may or may not have told them they can't play the game when I'm around. Cruel? A bit. Necessary? You bet.

happy thursday friends!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cocktails and good company

Yesterday was a good day. Why, you ask?Well, I spent the evening with some great people.

I got together with two girlfriends who I hadn't seen in a long time. Nicole (not the mean one) and Meghan.  Nicole and I did the victory lap together and we haven't spoken since january. Meghan went to Waterloo Uni and even though I've seen her last week and we've talked, it was nice to hang out.

We got dolled up and went downtown to a roof top patio where we had many cocktails and good pizza. The cocktails were getting expensive ($8.99 for one!) so we left.

Nicole needed some more money so we got Meghan's ex boyfriend (who I've known since kindergarden) to pick us up and drive us to Gabby's closer to home. (Fyi: them two are still really good friends, good thing)

We ordered nachos and beer (coolers for me, since I don't really like beer)

It was so nice to hang out and catch up with each other. They wanted to know all about my trip to Alberta and the cowboy.

I wanted to get pictures of the girls but that didn't happen. Boo. But I did get one of me before I left.

Monday, Karen and I went into the best dress store ever! I love forever 21, I spent way to much money on dresses but I got 3 of them so I'm okay with it ;)

I loved last night.
Nothing beats good food, good drinks and good friends. 

happy wednesday!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Random thoughts

I'm very sorry for the lack of posting around here. I hate when I see other bloggers make excuses for their lack of blogging so I won't do it either. I've already given myself a slap on the hand and promised I will never go 5 days without posting again (unless I'm away.)

A lot has happened here in the Hannon household. Last last week I got my full drivers licence! Meaning I can now drive without a parent in the car with me! Two Sundays a go I was gone for about 2.5 hours with the car, had to buy a curling iron from wal mart, and shorts from old navy and I planned on visiting my grandparents too. It was so awesome! I loved having the windows down and the music blasting. Total freedom! And of course my brother took the car to Indiana for baseball so I have nothing to drive!

I'm getting really excited for school! I know what courses I have to take this year (and the other three years) so that has calmed me down a lot. I'm just so ready for the next new chapter in my life to begin.

Along with school, I found out the best news on Thursday! After I'm done exams my third year (late April) I can do a 6 week placement out of province and/or internationally. I chose (already) to go back to Alberta. I know some people might say "go to Europe!" but I would rather go to Alberta for a few reasons a) 6 week visit with my family! b) I only have to pay for my flight (and a little bit of food money for my aunt/uncle) and c) I don't want to spend half my placement learning how to speak a different language. I am soooo happy and excited to go back! And for 6 weeks! Its a long time but so worth it. Now? I have 6 weeks to meet a cowboy :)

11 months yesterday before my brothers wedding! Can't wait.

I love doing the shred. I lost another 2 pounds this week at weight watchers. I totally credit the shred! Total is 10.2 pounds! Only 9 more before my goal weight :)

I found Sunday at lunch that one of my new neighbours is from the military. He (the dad) was in Afghanistan and now has bought the house across the street from me. It makes me happy to know there will be another veteran on the block. My grandfather was in WW2 and thankfully came home (parlayed on his right side from a bombing ((another post)) and married my grandma and had my dad/aunt.)

I am OBSESSED with country music these days. I have no clue where it came from (maybe it was the fact that it was all I listened too when I was out west) but whatever it is I love it! I recently went on an itunes spree and bought a whole bunch of country music. And yes, my bedroom radio is playing it too! loves it :)

I think that's enough randoms for y'all!
happy Monday :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

day 15 of shred

Tuesday May 24 I was in a workout slump. When I was in alberta I went running lots my first week but me and gravel? Don't work well together. I hated running on rocks. I like a smooth surface.

That night after weight watchers I went out to buy Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.

For those who don't know what it is, basically its 30 days of hard workouts. Each workout is 20 minutes. 
3 minutes of weights
2 minutes of cardio
1 minute of abs
repeat 3 times. 

Yesterday was day 15, half way point! And? I notice a big difference! 
Here are my stats:
day one (may 24)
Hips: 39cm
Chest: 35.5 cm
Not to bad but I want to lose weight and inches.   And you better believe I took some before pictures! 
to lazy to rotate

Horrible pictures! I'm sorry.

So here are my day 15 stats and pictures (june 7)
Hips: 39cm
Waist: 29! 
Chest: 34cm

I have noticed a big change in my arms. My abs aren't flat or lean but I've got 15 more days. Plus I've lost 3.4 pounds since I started.
I am so doing this again next april before my brother gets married! I'll be loads of pictures so I need to look good! 

*I'm sorry for the horrible pictures. 

happy wednesday

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This girl misses her cousins

I really miss my cousins from Alberta.
Must mean thats a good thing right? I mean most cousins would hate each other after 14
days straight. Us? Not the case at.all. 

Megan (below) and Eric have always lived 3 provinces away, or 38 hours away (by car) or 4 hours away by plane from my family (grandparents included). 

I'll give you the rundown. The house I've lived in since birth? Well the one next store is the house my dad and auntie lived and grew up in! For 15 years of my life my grandparents lived next store to us! Talk about a blessing. Well, after teachers college my aunt took a job in Alberta. Fast forward ten years and she married my uncle. 18 months later, welcome Meghan! (then Eric 17 months later.) 

Every summer the four of them would come out here for a few weeks to visit the Hannon side of the family. Wanna know a secret? When my brother/me/meghan/eric hung out it was so awkward! And how could it not be, I bet any cousins would be awkward around one another when they only see each other once per year.  What is there to talk about? Ryan and I had no freakin clue! 

I'm glad to say thats not the case anymore. Over the two weeks that I lived with them, my cousins and I got so close, its wonderful! It helps that I see them as more friends then my nerdy-cousins-who-only-study. Meghan and I did girl things, bonded over hair, went out for a few drinks and laughed until the tears were streaming down out faces during Bridemaids. She's not just "my cousin from out west" but my fousin. That's cousin but more like friends. 

Eric was sweet enough to know that I wanted to have lunch with his friends when I went to school with them. He also knew that I wasn't going to miss the finale of the Biggest Loser. In my mind Eric isn't 12 years old, he's 17 (going on 20,) liking girls, and video games. 

Yes, we are cousins. She looks her dad while I look so much like her mom (my aunt)

*that face? is my REALLY happy face. you can tell it when my eyes go really tiny! 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday randoms

I've missed being random with you guys! 

~For those prayer warriors out there, I have request. Friday night after I got home from work, my mom told me that my Grandpa (her dad) was in emergency because he might have had a stroke. He came in from being outside shortly after dinner friday night and told my grandma, "I think I had a stroke." Apparently he was watering some flowers and half an hour woke up on the ground. At press time, he's home and resting. Pray for both him and my grandma who is looking after him. 

~Me+diets+vacations=not a good mix. While I was away I went to weight watchers and gained 4.3 flippin pounds the first week and thankfully lost 1.4 the next. Well? Saturday I weighed in and lost 3.4 and my 5%!!!!! Total weight loss....8.4! Only 11 pounds away from goal! 

~I was going to wait till later this week for a surprise post but since I'm on a roll I'll tell ya. The weight loss might be from the 30 day Shred (with Jillian Michaels) that I'm doing. Wednesday is my half way point so except some measurements. (oh gosh, hold me) 

~My brothers wedding date got changed. Nothing big happened. Instead of the 26th of May it'll be the 12th. They wanted it to started at 3pm (its cheaper) instead of 5pm (the original time on the 26th.) Almost 11 months away! Can't wait :) 

~Since the date has changed my family from Alberta can come! If it was on the 26th they couldn't because my cousin Eric is graduating high school on the 25th. They have my uncles family from all over stay over the weekend to celebrate and stuff and there was no way they could make it. But now? They can! When I told my aunt, she started crying. I'll leave the story for another post. It's a goodie! 

~I'm excited to start lifeguarding outside soon! I don't work indoors during the summer (hello? tan!) and close to the end of the month I'll be switching over to outdoor pools! I'm ready for a change, just something new. 

~That being said, I'll miss the other guard that I've worked with for the past year (thats twice a week for 4 hours) and also we've worked together since 2008! Nicole has become such a good friend of mine and I'll miss talking to her all night! I hope we can get together a few times to catch up :) 

happy monday! 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lil' blog of mine

I didn't know how much I loved blogging until I was away and went two weeks without the Internet
and tv.

I started a blog years a go but it failed miserably because I had no clue a)what to write about and b) It wasn't that important to me at that time. I think I did three posts and left it for about 2 years.

Then about maybe 10 months a go I came across a blog of an older friend of mine that comes to the same summer camp as me. From creeping her, I came across her cousins blog which got me into " secretly following" hers. I say secretly because I would just google her name and read her posts thru google.
I would do this a few times a week. Then I found Katie's, who did my layout, and loved her posts! So I started reading more and more blogs!

In November, I got to thinking about starting my own blog but got scared to sign up because of how my other one failed. I kept putting it off until Jan 28 (or 29th can't remember) and this is where Life is what you make it was born. Well, it wasn't Life is what you make it all along. First it was heart overflowing for like a week, then all the world's a stage after Shakespeare. And lastly when Katie asked if I wanted a new name I jumped on said blog name. And? I love the name.

I sometimes feel like blogging has taken over my life. Not really but you get what I'm saying. Before said blog my morning routine was shower, breakfast, read newspaper, hair/make up.
Its make smoothie, read newspaper, log onto blogger (read blogs/write blog), shower etc.

In my iPhone I have a notepad that is for blog posts that I think will be a good post. Just things that pop into my head and get written down before I forget.

I love the blog world because even tho I might never meet my blog friends I feel like I'm apart of their lives and vice versa. When they cry I do too. When they are happy, you bet I am also.

For me, blogging is a way of documenting my life and preserving life's memories so that I can look read back on what has happened to date in my life. Blogging is also a way that I can vent and therefore blogging is my free therapy.

Even though I have "followers" who I'm sure have never read my blog (except for the few special girls) that isn't what matters. Blogging shouldn't be about how many comments you get or how many followers we have. It should just for us. I do sometimes get annoyed how people follow my blog but have never written a comment at.all.(and yes, I understand that we all are busy but come on, a few words takes seconds!)  When those thoughts creep in I remind myself that blogging is for me!

Oh lovely blog, how I love thee.

happy wednesday!