Thursday, March 28, 2013

Running Runt

I'm in a running runt. And I need to get out of

Since my half-marathon which was on the last Sunday of Febraury, I've logged about 21k (13miles) which is not like me. 

I've gotten obsessed with Spin class and slowly getting back into lifting weights because my flabby arms? Need to go. 

But running is a pain and challenge. I always have plans to go, but either I quit before my goal or the entire time I'm focused on how many more minutes until I'll be done and the other things I could be doing then running. 

Like last Thursday. I went to the gym after class to run a nice 5km and 2.6km, I shut off the treadmill dreadmill and left. I don't know why, just hit my "wall" quickly and couldn't get out of it. I was so sad and even more angry at myself. 

How can I go from running a half-marathon in 2 hours and 5 minutes and now I find it so hard to complete 5k! 

The fact that I have another half coming up at the end of May and have only logged 21km, scares me so much. I want to finish this half faster than the pervious ones and right now I'm sure I can. 

As of right now, I know I have to download some brand new music, lace up and get out there. I need to run again. I feel not complete. 

I know I have to face the bad runs and just keep repeating left....right...left...right.  

have any of you gone through a bad time like this? How did you get out of it? 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Birthday Re-cap

 My 21st birthday was last week (thank you for the wishes I got on twitter, facebook and here, made my day) and it was amazing!

I woke up to Alex sending me a video of a song he wrote for me. I swore I wouldn't show anyone but maybe one day I'll post it.

I ate a double chocolate cupcake for breakfast, hey it's my birthday! And had another one from my friend Wafa. She surprised me with balloons in class.

Karen and I met at lunch for to get out nails done and they match perfectly to the flowers my parents got me.

I had another class and met Alex for dinner at an amazing real Italian place.

He got me a heart shaped necklace which I love so much!  

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tidbits...not Timbits

-My birthday was AMAZING! Re-cap to come soon!

-I hate when it snows near my birthday and nothing grinds my gears more than it snowing after my birthday! Spring hurry!

-I need spring to come because I can't stand treadmill running anymore. I went to the gym after class today to run 6.4km and 2k in was completely bored. I couldn't finish which made me so upset.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Forever 21

It is an extra special day today because not only is it the 1st day of Spring but it's my 21st birthday!

*I'll wait until you're done singing Happy Birthday*

Even though my birthday has just begin and the surprises aren't over, I know today is going down in the history book.

I'm getting my nails done with Karen during my 3 hour break and meeting Alex for dinner at a secret place!
I give everyone permission to eat a cupcake for dessert...or breakfast today!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Maybe one day soon I'll blog more than once a week...

Maybe I'll get creative with ideas for posts...

Until then you can see what I'm up too via Instagram. 

1) Picked up new summer/spring candles from B&BW which smell so good!
2) Essie in No More Film
3) Crossed off another thing from my bucket list...Spin Class. Love it!

4) Alex's cat Chuck whom I love!
5) Spring is a-coming!

I spent the weekend with Alex which was much needed. Long distance relationships are tough foe sure. We saw Safe haven friday, partied with his friends "welcome back from South Korea" party on saturday night and took a really long walk together Sunday afternoon along the waterfront. Just spending that time alone was amazing! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


1) Alex and I had a cupcake date...4000km away from each other.
2) Love my kiki la rue Maddie top. 
3) Alex and I got tickets to the Leafs farm team for a "yay you're back!"

4) I'm liking painting my own nails. 
5) The only thing I'll miss about alex's house now is the beautiful view of the lake. 
6) 1st run post- half marathon on Monday. Felt good. 

7) My creative arts class went to the Art Gallery of Ontario. Does this scene look familiar? the wedding scene in The Vow was filmed here with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams.
8) Made no bake apple crumble for breakfast.
9) I heart him.