Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My mac to my cheese

Warning: This post may be mushy.

This post is for my Best Friend Karen. I'll call her the BFF on
my blog.

Karen (also known as Carol to my family) didn't just "meet" one day. You see it all started back when I was 3 and Karen was 4 (we are 14 months a part) Mrs. Ellis (bff''s mom) went back to work and my mom ran a home daycare in our house. Karen and her sisters came over for lunch and after school a few days of the week. So that meant that the BFF and I spent A LOT of time together. We did go to the same elementary school but weren't bes
t friends then.

Skip forward a few years, went middle school. Every morning I would walk to karen's house (btw which is only a block away from mine!) and we would walk past my house to go to school. We did this every day for 2 years. (read: I'm a creature of habit, It felt wired walking to school by myself in grade 8, when bff was in 9.)

Anyways, so grade 8 (for me) was okay, Karen made lots of new friends but we saw each other on wednesdays (for church) and would do something fun on the weekends.

Then it was my turn to go to the big house ( no not jail) but highschool. At that time, the Ellis' sent Karen to a private Christian school (Great Lakes Christian High School) in Beamsville ON. This meant that the only time I could see the BFF was from late friday night to mid afternoon on sundays. Nope, not fun at all. I mean she's my bestie and when I needed her, she was 2 hours away. Can we say brutal?
Then in 2009, Karen graduated high school. She took the year off and worked. At this time I was in grade 12. I always say that 2009-2010 was THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE. Karen and I had weekly lunch dates, where we would have lunch (duh) at each other house's one or twice a week. Also with that she got me into to glee. I thought it was the stupid show EVER but she told me to watch it and I was hooked. So every wednesday after mid week bible study we would watch glee together and her house. To date we still do this little tradition (again, I'm a creature of habit!)
I love love lovveeee wednesdays. We also watch the office together before glee. Such a goood show!

Karen and I aren't just BFF's. We are sisters. Mr and Mrs Ellis call me their 4th daughter because I'm always at their house! We even fight like sister's. Yup thats right folks, we can get upset at each other. We haven't in a longgg time but that's because we work on our relationship. I know Karen and I will be 80 years old and causing trouble in the nursing homes!

I love this girly so much! I don't know what I would do without her.
Oh and it was her 20th birthday last friday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY (again) Carol.

(Shes called Carol because one night when we were counselling at omagh, one of my campers said "carol just let sarah explain" I looked around and replied "whos Carol!?" For the rest of the week EVERYONE at camp called her Carol. It's now the running joke in my family.)

I love doing life with you Karen!
Can't wait to see what God has planned for us.
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