Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Yesterday at work I got a nice surprise from a co worker. He's not really a co worker, you'll find out how he fits in in a second.

I've been working at *this* pool for about 2.5 years. That's 2.5 years twice a week. The entire time I've worked there Peter has worked there too. Peter works for the Toronto District School Board as a caretaker for the school my pool is joined to. Part of his job is to come to the pool and make sure the chlorine levels are up to par, water isn't to cold/warm and other housekeeping items every few hours. Peter loves his job and goes above and beyond what is expected from him. He is really really good friends with the other lifeguard that I work with. He sometimes comes and hangs out with us when he's done cleaning the classrooms and such. If I haven't said it before, he is the NICEST man ever!

November of 2010 I found out some sad news. I asked Hillary (names have been changed) why I hadn't seen Peter in a while, (thinking he was on vacation and forgot to tell me.) I knew something was wrong when Hillary pulled me the guard office and said "Sarah, Peter found out last week he has colon cancer."  I've never cried sobbed at work but that night I did. After I calmed down (quickly because the Lane swimmers were looking at me strange) she told me that the doctors found out "it" early. Thank goodness! Two weeks later Peter went in to remove the cancer from his colon. This was early December and we all thought he would be back to work by late January. Surgery was fine and he healed very nicely. In mid January Peter met with the Surgeon and asked if he could come back to work with modified duties. She said to wait a few weeks longer. Everyone was sad but his health comes first. Every time Peter went for an appointment the doctors told him to wait a few more weeks. A few weeks ago the second kicker happened...

His doctors found spots on his liver. Little ones so small that they needed good machines to see "them." They don't think its cancer (thank goodness) but to be sure Peter needs more surgery. Hillary told me this and again I cried. Hasn't he and his family been through enough? Last night I was in the bathroom when I heard this knock on the office door. Usually it's Rob the other caretaker. Or my boss (lucky me) I opened the door and saw an arm on the deck, I peered around the corner and saw.. PETER! I throw my arms around him and gave him a huge hug! Remember I hadn't seen Peter since the end of  November! It was awesome to see him. And yes you better believe I grilled him for not coming to visit on a Tuesday/Thursday when I work. He usually came when I wasn't working and Hillary would tell me that he came in. We don't know when Peter is coming back. I told him if he wasn't back for September 2011 that I would personally drive to his house and drag him to the pool! He laughed but I'm serious. For all those prayer's out there, could you send a prayer Peter's way? Thanks.

It's very bittersweet, we all want Peter back to the pool but we also know his health comes first.

*colonoscopy's save lives. Peter just turned 55 and last November went in for his first one. A few years late. If Peter waited a few more weeks who knows where he would be right now. Yes, they are uncomfortable to hear about but they do save lives. *

happy Wednesday.
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