Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Wanna know something?
I'm a TV junkie.
I just realized it.

Today is Tuesday and that means I need to watch Monday's shows. Since I work most evenings I watch tv online the next day. Bethenny ever after just premiered last week in Canada. Since it was on last night in the US of A I thought it wold be on here. Makes sense? Anyways I went to project free tv and clicked Bethenny ever after. Was the new episode there? Nope. I may or may have not gotten upset. Just a tad.

Then I remember The Secret life of the American Teenager was on! And I had to watch How I Met Your Mother too! So happy :)

When I say I'm a tv juckie, I don't sit around on the couch/computer chair for hours watching random shows, I only watch the ones I follow religiously.

Let's go back to the beginning.

Sunday night: Desperate Housewives, Amazing race. Both are right after another.
Monday night: SLAT, HIMYM, Kate plus 8 (if its on)
Tuesday night: Biggest Loser, 16 and pregnant (I watch that on Tuesday night since I'm home by 930)
Wednesday night: fav night! Glee with the BFF.
Thursday night: Grey's, Jersey Shore (don't judge, watch this at 10 since I'm home)
Friday night: catch up day, in case I didn't watch some shows during the week.
(I watch them the next day)

There you have it. From looking at my list, I admit I watch a lot of shows! It's only for a an hour or two each day, I swear I have a life! Don't judge :)

Off to watch SLAT and HIMYM!

happy tuesday!
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