Tuesday, May 17, 2011

checking in

I feel so disconnected to the real world blog world. As you know I'm in the middle of no where in Alberta, Canada. I thought by bringing my laptop I would blog in my room and watch tv at night before bed, same as before. You know what they say about assuming.

Sunday, I asked my uncle for his password for his wi-fi. Long story short I have to have a usb like thing in my computer but needed a password from home to get on. It would be so easy to call my parents back home but they were shopping in the US. They got home a few hours a go and called with the password. I tried getting on but no luck, hopefully when the uncle comes home, he can help me.

I'm SO behind on my tv shows it ain't even funny. Everyday I make a note on my phone what shows I need to watch when I get home. I swear to you that I will spend a whole two days catching up. The tv here has 3 flippin channels. Only one tv, I might add. So we all watch tv together. It's cute but not when I like watching tv by myself! At least they have Oprah. I would die if I couldn't watch her final show. And? My uncle is only allowed 5 g bites a month for video streaming so those hours shows would eat it up! Joy.

All bitterness aside, I'm having a great time, ya know being one with nature. I went to school with my aunt who teaches grade 1 today. It was only a half day so it was nice to ease into the school. Yesterday, my aunt and I went to a zumba class. I've never been but love it! We might go another night.

I do apolize for not commenting on peoples blogs. When I log into blogger from the home comp, and click on the blogs to read 9/10 times it "kicks" me out of their site. A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G! I do read them but only from my reader.

I *hopefully* will have my computer up so I can show y'all pictures from the country. If not, I'll stick with the posts with no pictures.

happy tuesday!
For all those prayer warriors, pray for my sanity as I'm going thru detox.
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