Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm leaving on a jet plane!

When you read that title did you say it in a sing-song voice?! Well, just say you did for me. 

Its Saturday..meaning time for Saturday Morning Scene with Katie

I'm leaving for my two week vacation to visit my aunt/uncle and my two younger cousins. Not really younger since Meghan is 6 months younger and Eric is 2 years. I haven't seen them since July and haven't been to their house since 2006. I bet a lot has changed. 

My flight takes off tomorrow at 8:50am (i rather get there early so they day isn't wasted) 
Since I have t-minus 24 hours and half of that is sleeping, you would think I would be packed and ready to go! Nope, not the case. I have some packed but not close to being done. 

So I have a big suitcase and a small duffel bag (which may or may not be filled just with shoes!) 
I like shoes and since I'll be going to school with my aunt every day to teach grade one I NEED to look nice!  :) 

Well since I have more packing to do, along with ladies class at church today with a potluck this time around, I really should get a move on!

happy saturdays ladies!
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