Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Randoms

I've missed being random with blogger. So here we go!

On saturday, it was ladies class at church. Karen and I had big roles. She taught the lesson and I lead singing. I don't think I have the best voice but I was honoured that I was asked. I don't know how good i was, my throat was KILLING me.

Having no tv has it's blessings. Since I'm not camped out on the couch, I have more time to be with God. Over the past few days I've really spent more time in prayer and reading. I know God loves it! :)


I got a spray tan last wednesday. Now? It's all gone. Yup, $45 dollars down the drain. It shouldn't matter that I was in the water last thursday  for 10 minutes and friday for 30 minutes teaching. I showered each time and put lotion on. And let's not talk about how thursday I woke up and had huge white marks on my neck. It was nasty! I went back and the guy put some tanning lotion on it. Did it work? Just guess. I was excited because I didn't want to use a tanning bed a) I wanted something fast and b) we all know the risks. I'e tried the lotions but I always get streaks. Does anyone use a good kind?
I'm very sad.


My aunt and uncle always have cats. When I was here a few years a go, I swear there were at least 7. Oh boy was I in heaven! Those kittens? Loved me. This time there are only two. One who hates people and then this little kitten who is the cutest thing eva! Since I pay attention to here, she always wakes up from her nap when I come outside so I can pet here. I love cats!


In alberta, it's two hours behind toronto time. So when I'm going to bed here at 12 (which is somewhat normal for me) it's really 2am! My body finally told me last night to jump into bed once 10 came around.

well thats enough randoms.
happy thursday!
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