Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blogging PSA

Now that I've been blogging for 10 months (say wha?) I have a few things to get off my chest about blogging.

~ If you follow a blog, then the least you good do every once and a while is comment! For example: There are some people that follow me and yet have never commented! Never. Why have me show up in your reader yet never comment? *I totally feel like I'm going to lose followers now*

If you are reading this and haven't said hi lately? Well what are you waiting for?

~ Expanding from that, I know commenting and reading AND writing on your own blog is a lot sometimes, but for me, the blogs that I follow, I 90% of the time comment on. I guess I think its nice to do.

~ Can we stop with the comment verification, please. You know, the word which really aren't words that you have to type in just get your comment published? That. It's kinda annoying to be honest.

~ When someone comments on my blog, I always email them back commenting on their comment. Makes sense? So when people say "you look fab" or "aww your cat is so cute", I write back saying "thanks!" Or something a little personal. Always.
So when I comment on your blog regularly and you never respond? Makes me think you a)you don't read them so I feel like I wasted my time and b) Makes me think you *might* have a snobby bone in your body. There I said it.
I say might because there are bloggers I follow that get 100 comments a day, for realz, so ya, I understand that you can't respond to every single one. But maybe just once an a while?

*I apologize if I have upset anyone from what I have wrote. These are my thoughts and its my blog. Thank you reading, as always. *
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