Monday, November 7, 2011

weekend update and nails

The only thing I can think about these days is a) 3 weeks till winter break b) Early Childhood Education. This is all I can manage today. I do have a non-random post ready for friday.

On Friday night, I went back to my high school to see the class of 2011 graduate. Many of the kids I've known since grade 1 and I got close to more last year during the victory lap. I mainly wanted to see my friend, Faiza's valedictorian speech. I've known her since grade 1 and got close to her when her mom passed away from breast cancer when she was 6. Faiza was student body prez for the 10-11 school year and she was the one who brought change to said highschool. She is now taking poli-sci at Carleton which is in the nations capital. She has dreams to come back to Toronto and be a politician. I KNOW her dreams will happen. Her speech was great! I find a lot of them are either to funny or to sappy. Hers had a bit of both and she totally quoted the old spice guy. 

On Saturday, my family went up to Peterborough to visit Ryan and Danielle. We hadn't seen Ry since thanksgiving and Danielle since labour day weekend. 

We weren't really planning on it, but I got my bridesmaids dress! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Come back wednesday and I'll show you it :)

Sunday was a HUGE homework day. Oh university life.

Now for the randoms.

I've had it easy with my class schedule this semester. With having two days off during the week. And, it just keeps getting better. I found out on Thursday that my one and only exam is on the first day of the exam period, December 5th. So on December 5th at 3pm, I will be done school for the Christmas! Best of all, I go back January 9th.
I'm going to enjoy the time off since starting in January, I will have placement twice a week plus 4 classes. Hello, no days off. ::Insert crying here:: 

I finally painted my nails Meep, Meep, Meep by OPI on Thursday. 

Love it :)

I'm totally having a tattoo fever again! #Vague


I have found my new stress relief. Running. I downloaded couch to 5k about a month a go and seriously love it so much. I'm on week 7, day 2 out of 9, I plan to get the couch to 10k and train for a 10k race which I'll do in the spring. I've been running about 3x a week for 30 minutes! Hopefully this will help me get to my goal weight for the wedding sooner :) 

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