Monday, December 19, 2011

Show them what Christmas really means.

I think that we all and I'm guilty too get caught up in the material part of Christmas. Michael Kors watch! Marc Jacobs bag! WANT WANT WANT!

Which is not what we have been taught. We know the meaning of Christmas is all about giving. Not just giving to others such as family/children but those who have much, much, much less than us.

A few weeks back, my friend Jennifer, from church who is a senior at Southern University in Louisiana, wrote on her twitter how for $16 we can give some chickens to a family in a developing country.  I got thinking about the chickens, how we aren't just giving them chickens but those chickens will provide food for the family, they can also sell the eggs for income and breed them for more chickens which will in turn produce more eggs! Talk about a cycle.

I've always have wanted to sponser a child but I don't have an extra $365 dollars laying around. But I do have $16.

When Jenn posted this, I made sure to save some of my money and buy some chickens closer to Christmas.  I was thinking at that time maybe one or two.

And I get that Christmas is an expensive time. I get that some can't even afford many gifts for family AND buy for those in need. I get it.

The only reason I was able to buy one mosquito net, books for children and a pig and chicks was because I was very lucky to be able to have picked up a few extra shifts at work, go to a paid focus group and babysit twice this month.

Even if you don't feel comfortable purchasing over the 'net, you can do things in your community to make someone feel loved this Christmas.

As Anne Frank said, No-one has ever become poor by giving.

Let's remember those who are in need this holiday season. Even buying a coffee for that homeless person outside the  starbucks or grocery store can just brighten your day and theirs.

Happy day, friends!

*World Vision did not pay me in any way. Just my thoughts and expressing what we can do this season for others*
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