Saturday, January 28, 2012

Little joys.

Yesterday was a good day all around. So many things made me smile, so many things made me stop and remember to write down in my thankful book.

First, I went for an early 8.5k run at the gym. This was my farthest run all week and boy did my body need it.

Then, I found out my 2 hour class was cancelled so I only had a 50 minute class. Sweet!

And I had a great afternoon at Michael's shopping for supplies for my SIL's -to be bridal shower on March 10th.

But the thing that brought the biggest joy was one I have been praying about for months . It was the fact that my SIL and I had a long phone call last night.,

You see, in the almost 4 years since Danielle has been around, we've never been close. Some was partly my fault-being scared of her thinking I was annoying (me?annoying? NO WAY!) and some was my brother's fault, which I'm not reading to write about. I do think that the 10 years between us didn't help and the 2 hour distance wasn't helping either. I mean a 16 year old (when they started dating) and a 26 year like different things and it's hard to say to someone "let's go for a movie"- when you live 2 hours away.

Of course we talk at fam jam's, catch up and stuff.

But never alone. 

We've never gone for coffee or drinks together or texted (she doesn't have a cell so that is out of the question.)

When Ryan and D got engaged I started praying a lot that God would help make our bond stronger. I noticed at Christmas time that our bond was getting stronger as all night we talked and talked and continued talking when we got back to my house that night.

But I wasn't expecting what happened last night.

D called to say my dress was in and 20 minutes later I realized we are still on the phone, chatting away. Talking about wedding plans, showers, my brother and school.

I always have dreamed of having a close bond with my SIL, getting nails done, calling each other often just to girl talk. Dreaming of our kids being really close. Dreaming of calling her up and telling her that I'm coming up for the day.

I think now that she is almost officially part of my family we are starting to become close.

Now my biggest prayer is that we continue to grow and become closer than ever!


Happy 21st birthday to my best friend Karen! Excuse me while we enjoy a day of pad Thai, pedicures and ice skating.

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