Friday, August 31, 2012

if cancer was a person I would be in jail for killing it already...

I feel like my whole world is focused on this cancer and therefore that's all I post. But to be fair, this is my "everyday" blog and right now? Cancer is here and we're dealing with it everyday. So there is that.

I try not to let it run my life. I will still go out and enjoy the short time that I have left with my friends before they go back to school. But sometimes, I want to have a chill evening with the "roomies" aka mom and dad and visit. Nothing wrong with that *clears throat*


I hate cancer. I hate cancer because right now my mom is calling company's that make wigs because she'll most likely be hairless in 3 weeks.

I try and stay positive and happy around my mom but it is hard.

I still get angry, at God, which hurts when I say that.

But I know he is looking after ma dukes and giving her strength everyday and keeping his arm around her.

I ask that you prayer warriors keep my mom in your prayers. If you don't pray...those positive thoughts work wonders too!

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