Thursday, October 4, 2012

Can't imagine

I had a wonderful but an oh, so tiring day at placement today.

One of those days where I was always on my feet, reading stories or cleaning...which I don't mind because my placement this semester is amazing.

It was one of those days where I realized for the millionth time how lucky I am for having a wonderful boyfriend.

I had an job interview for a higher qualification/pay raise thru the city, still lifeguarding...and I passed! Totally on cloud nine. Lots of studying paid off!

I was excited to light a fall candle from bath and body, grab my ice cold corona and curl up watching grey's anatomy tonight, a little "you made it to thursday!" celebration.

After getting home at 6pm, I logged onto facebook and there my entire good day was ruined.

Seeing a post from a girl who I've gone to school with since kindergarten saying that cancer had taken her dad just crushed me. Yes, for the obvious reasons, at 20 her daddy is gone but because of effing cancer. CANCER! Cancer like my mom is being treated for now.

I have peace that my mom isn't going to die tomorrow, or a year from now from cancer but it is always in my back of my mind. Always.

It is times like these, where I find out cancer has taken a loved one from someone I know, that I hug my family closer, say I love you more.

Side note: We are halfway done chemo. 3rd one is next Tuesday (9th). Radiation starts mid november for 33 days straight. Keep praying!

*Thinking of the Pogue family tonight. 

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