Thursday, October 11, 2012


I'm linking up with my girl Jenn over at Perfectly Imperfect for Currently. 

Current Book:

Current playlist:
Just downloaded Babel by Mumford and Sons so that has been on repeat. 

Current Colour:
dying to try this colour from Essie
Current Food/Drink:
   Craving some Apple Cider!

                                     Current Fav Show: 
Current Needs: 
 I NEED my hair to grow faster. 

Current banes of my existence:
My cousin who got engaged over the weekend (yay!) and posted it on facebook before calling his own family to tell of the happy news...Grandma included! 

Current #1 blessing:
My family and the best boyfriend ever.

Current outfit:

Current excitement: 
-my half-marathon on Sunday
-date nights
-55 days left of this semester!

Current Mood: 
Tired..will I ever feel rested?

Current Quote:

Current Product: 
I've been using these products on my face for a few days. My skin has never looked so brighter and glowly ever! 

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