Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Crazy crazy crazy days.

The past two days have been crazy insane and so! stressful. Today better be...better.

Monday started out a good day, had breakfast with Alex, talked about the new place he's moving into Thursday, how great the new area is...stuff like that. And off I go to school for the day. 

During the subway ride I decide to check the time, see if I time to grab a coffee and can't find my phone. After pulling out everything in my purse and gym bag, I realize duh! It's at his place pulled in and mister is at work now. Cue freak out and how will I manage 8 hours without celly!? 

Eventually I message him on facebook on my friends ipad and all is good, he'll drop it off later that night. It's sad how naked I felt without it. But it was nice.  I *may* forget it once and a while again. 

Yesterday was bad too. But started off good. Pattern maybe? 

My mom needed me out of the house early in the morning so I went to a new ymca location that I've never been to before to try out a new class. I got on the right bus from the right subway station and notice that google maps lied to me because we never passed Dovercourt. I decide to get off the bus and get google maps to give me walking directions. "Location unknown"-it reads. Stupid google maps. I call my handy navigator Alex and while he looks up directions I set my laptop down to rest outside a busy starbucks.

He calls back and says "just walk north a bit and it'll be the south side on the street." Done. Off I walk north. I'm walking and looking at homes, wondering what's it like to live downtown when all of a sudden I clue in that I didn't pick up my laptop when I started walking again!

Crap! I book it and sprinted hard for that 7 minute walk, praying that it's still there because it's two weeks before finals and all my notes! My notes! 

Karma was on my side today, it was still there. Not damaged, thank God-literally, he was watching it. 

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