Friday, December 20, 2013

Boring, bored.

I am bored. The last few weeks leading up to exams being done all I was looking forward to was sleeping in, working out when I wanted and just being lazy. Last night when I was hopping into bed my dad poked his head in and asked what I was going to do tomorrow, whatever the heck I want. Made him laugh because literally I can now.

But----I'm so bored being off school. There is only so much How I met your mother I can watch during the day. 

I was excited to go into work on Thursday afternoon, make some money and the few hours would give me something to do during the day. Except my boss called to say my partner called in sick and swimming was cancelled. Lovely. That idea went right out the window. 

I know once classes start up again in January, I'll be wanting to go back to holidays.


So, I'm off to the gym and finish my Christmas shopping in hopes of curing my boredom. 

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