Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Year resolution so far.

We're 4 weeks into the New Year, that's all? Feels longer. 

Anyways, 4 weeks into 2014 and hows your New Years resolutions going? Mine for 2014 wasn't anything specific but along the lines of keep eating paleo 80% of the time and working out 4-5x a week. 
Oh, hi muscles. 
Aside from a little back injury (was doing a HIIT workout earlier this week and pulled a muscle doing a front squat) and not able to go to the gym, I'm doing well. Upping my weight during bodypump and loving bootcamp, so much

Eating paleo is amazingly yummy and makes me feel awesome! My Gramma even texted me this weekend asking about Paleo and if I could share some info about it. I love her and she and my Grandpa need to change their diet. Your only veggie for the day can't be iceberg lettuce.
 This. Flavour country. This filled me up for a good 3ish hours. Avocado, egg and bacon. Bake at 185 till egg is at your liking.

Can't contain my excitement for my new heart rate monitor. I neeed something to track my calorie burn at the gym.
As much as I love paleo, I do eat cake and pizza (just not at the same time). Remember, I do have a boyfriend who is not paleo (does enjoy it) and loves his carbs. Everything in moderation and treating myself on the weekend seems to be keeping me on track. No harm. 
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