Monday, April 7, 2014

Love more

Sometimes I love looking back on the week that was and re-playing the week to see if I could do better in any area for the coming week.

This past week, especially the the end of the work week taught me something big. To love. To always say you love someone if you feel it and make sure people know how much they mean to you.


My mom had her every 6th month mammogram two weeks a go and 12 hours before her appointment to talk about said mammogram results, got a call saying she needed to get an ultrasound done and not to come in for appointment the next day. 

She went to get the ultrasound done and asked why. Did they see something? I can't imagine having someone say to you, "yes, they saw some masses."Masses?!

So for almost 48 hours my family seriously thought the evil evil cancer had come back and emotions were high. I broke down at work and was so scared. 

Thankfully, our family doctor confirmed that everything came back negative. No sign of cancer in her body. Thank you, God. Turns out she has some scar tissue built up. 

We hugged. We cried. We talked about what happened. But most importantly those 48 hours of being so scared she'd have to fight cancer again taught me to say those important words more often. That I need to verbally tell my parents I love them more (instead of just showing them.) Life is short, guys. 
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