Monday, June 23, 2014

Excuses and Regrets

I took a year off from high school before I enter the big world of university, most of my classmates did not and so, every time I log onto Facebook it seems everyone and their mom is graduating from university. Me? 1 more year. This time next year will be my turn. Finally

I've been thinking lots that come 365-ish days from now I will be leaving the world I've known for the past 3 years. My classmates that I've grown so close to in the past few years will be moving away. Who knowns where I'll be. I won't see those people everyday like I do now. Those weekly traditions with friends such as talking about last night's teen mom (it's so bad but so good) won't happen as much. Everything will be changing and that makes me really really sad. 

I always here stories along the lines of not seeing university friends after graduation, you say you will but life gets in the way. Excuses begin and 1 year goes by and no one has gotten together. Then 2 and so on. That's so sad! The hardest part is that happened to me this week and it sucks. 

I had a really close friend of mine fast track and a whole 1 year early is done her undergrad. So great! But gut wrenching when we texts me to say that she's in Montreal and leaving for home, Saudi Arabia this Tuesday. 

Ok, I thought-we'll do lots when she comes back---since she's only away for the summer. Or so I thought. Nope, Wafa isn't sure she'll ever come back. No plans what so ever. 

I went to bed Thursday with tears, the thought of never seeing her again when we saw each other multiple times a week is a tough pill to swallow. 

Now I'm on the regret train. I regret so much, we didn't make enough plans. To many reasons why hanging out wouldn't work. And now it's so late. It sucks. She knows how sad I am. 

Even thought Waf's is gone, I'm going to make this the best school year ever. No more I have to be up early excuses, creating memories is worth it. Thanks for teaching me that Wafa. 
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