. . . . . . . .About Me. . . . . . . . .

Hi There!
Welcome to my little home on the internet.
My name is Sarah. Single gal living in a huge city.

I'm currently a student at Ryerson University studying Early Childhood Education.
After my BA, I will attend teachers college so I can teach k-6.

This is my beautiful family. I live with the best room mates parents ever, who drive me crazy but also let me borrow the car when I need it so it evens out in the wash. And my brother, Ryan lives with his new wife Danielle.

That (above) is my bestie Karen. She's a co-star of this blog as we do everything together. We are those BFF's who have known each other since birth and conveniently we live around the corner from each other.   She is my partner in crime, my peanut to my butter and my sister.

If I'm not working or sitting in a classroom I'm most likely working out. I run and yes, actually enjoy it!

I'm currently in my second year at Ryerson University majoring in Early Childhood Education. It's been my dream since a little girl to be a grade 2 teacher.