Friday, February 4, 2011

Freakin Good Friday


Today marks the first day out of school! It was a productive day to say that least. Not like wednesday. ugh, let's not go there.

I was planning on sleeping in, but was awoken by my lovely uncle calling to see if I could walk my cousins to school today. Of course uncle B, anything for you! The kiddos came and we got dressed and off we went. I had an appointment at 10 for my eyebrows (yes, nothing will come between me and getting my eyebrows done!)

I came home and got the mail....

What was there?

Take a closer look!

Yes friends, that is a package from ryerson uni! and we all know what the big package means!

You are right, 10 points for you. Ryerson accepted me for their child and youth care starting sept 2011! It was one of my top choices! I immediately called my dad. brother and mom. Texted all my friends and of course up dated my twitter and facebook. I was excited okay!?

The reason why I was so excited was a) i'm going to uni! b) my hard work paid off c)The whole reason for going back to highschool (since I garduated in june) was to get better marks and get in where.

Yesterday I had a horrible day. I got my marks back. The one I was really concerned about was my english. Lat year I passed with a 77 and I wanted closer to an 80. So I re-took english again and got I went home and cried. (Read: I'm very emotional) That evening I went over to the BFF's and talked to her about what happened. She told me that everything will work out and not to worry, I would go to uni. I was scared to say the least. Then not even 24 hours later...I get in!

Yes, it has been a good friday!

Hope y'all are out of the snow and keeping warm.

Off to yoga class!

peace and blessings


(p.s yes you caught me..I did rip open the letter and re took a picture of it)

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