Sunday, February 6, 2011

Silent Sunday's- New Addition

Meet the newest member of the Hannon household.
Blog World meet Iggy Hannon

We adopted him from a friend of a friend three weeks ago today. We have had some trouble with him getting along with my other love, moggie. But *knock on wood* it seems to be geting better. He's so cute! love love loveee him!

He always jumps on the computer chair and wants on my lap for cuddles. (Did I mention he loves cuddling?) A man after my own heart! Along with making him happy, he is a drooler. It can get gross but in the end he's a cutie so he makes it cute!

This is him always be skidish and jumpy when someone walks into a room.

I'm in love already!


I've never been a huge football fan. But thats going to change today. You see, the green bay packers are playing. If you wanna know anything about my brother and dad, the packers are their FAVOURITE TEAM! So needless to say in an hour and a half, I'll be sitting on the couch cheering on the packers.


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