Monday, February 21, 2011

MIscellany Monday

I totally didn't know what to write about today. Nothing seemed good. As I was reading the blogs I stalk everyday (not stalking if I'm a follower right?!) and a few had done this. Bear with me will ya?

1) The weather- Last thursday and friday were perfect! plus 5 and 9. beautiful. Loved it. Then? Last night we got snow. Not a lot but enough that people were shoveling. I am so over winter. C'on spring hurry your butt up! We're dying.

2) Excercise-I finally got back into running last week. You see I will go through periods were I run 3 or 4 times a week and totally in love with the fittness (my body) and how I felt. Then school began and guess what pushed to the back burner? Yup, running did. I'm glad I got back into it. My goal is to do two (5kms) and 1 (10km) this year. Call me crazy idc.

3)TV-Last night the amazing race came back on! I'm so so so happy. I've missed it. I don't have a fac team yet (ususally pick mine in about a week or two.) Also tonight is the hometown visits on the Bachelor, my fav episode! yahoo :) I love emily/ashley/shawntel. So basically 3/4.

4) Family-This weekend was the birthday weekend. Saturday was the bros 24th and Sunday we held a surprise 50th for my aunt (her birthday is friday.) It was a lot of fun! I love fam jams. I love my family more than anything and its great having them over.

Well that's it for now. I promise I'll be back to real blogging soon. (is there such thing as real blogging?!) didn't think so.

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