Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snail Mail!

Today was an exciting day as I opened the mail. Inside was the usual stuff like bills and junk mail, but today oh boy it was good. There were two pieces for me. My visa bill (boo) and snail mail from my friend Micheala from Halifax. M and I have worked together the past two summers and she quickly has become one of my fav friends. She is now at Dalhousie uni. Back in the summer I said that I would mail her, just so we could keep in contract. So thus began the monthly letters. M didn't have time to write me back (don't blame her) but always said she felt bad and would start too. So when we got together during Christmas break (starbucks) she said that she would promise to!

And did you follow through. Her letter was so nice! I miss her so much. M is the.sweetest.person. EVER and she's awesome to have as a friend. Only two more months till we get to see each other, and I'm counting down the days.

Also guess whats in two days!?
My play!
That's right. My school is competing in the Sears festival on Thursday. It's so exciting and I can't wait.

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