Friday, February 11, 2011

Oh Canada

I'm patriotic.


I never used to be.

When I was younger, I had many friends who were Greek. I envied their heritage.

I wished for nothing more than to be Greek (or anything else)

But that changed.

I can't remember the exact time when I started appreciating my lovely nation. I can't begin to explain how proud I was during the 2010 Winter Olympics. I seriously cried EVERYTIME I heard the national anthem. Love you athletes! You've done good. During the olympics there was this song written by a Canadain signer-songer named Classified. His song was really popular, I even still listen to it. The lyrics are really funny and so true. He diff made a mint. Take a listen for yourself. Go...the link is right there.

Last week I heard another song by a Canadain rapper named Kardinal Offishall. It's called the anthem. The song is about how great the city of toronto is!

I'm so proud to live in such a great Country. And live in a such an awesome multiculture society in Toronto. I can't imagine living anywhere else. I bleed red and white.

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