Thursday, February 10, 2011

Weekend Update

Yes yes I know, you're are thinking 'buts its thursday."
Your correct, it is, but excuse me I've been a bit busy.

This weekend was my first weekend EVER being off school. I always do my homwork saturday afternoons and sunday afternoons. And when those day/times came around, I felt so strange not having homework to get done! To say the least, I love love loved it :) I could get used to it!

Since I'm off school this semester I am picking up as many shifts at the pools as possible. (Fyi: I work at a few pools as a lifegaurd and swimming teacher) I worked all day monday (that's 9am-930PM!!!!) Yes you read that right. Then tuesday 5-945 and tonight same time.
(Below: this is my new fav candle. I love how it lightens up the hallway) Sunday was a great day. As usual I woke up and got ready for Church. Went through the same motions but for some reason church was extra extra good this sunday. I felt more alert and focused (maybe thats because I had two 4 years sitting with me, so I had to be an example) but anyways for the first time in a few weeks I walked out of church on my spiritual "high."

Gosh I love those days.

Then Sunday afternoon as we all know, it was the superbowl. The packers were playing (AND WON!!!!) so i watched with my dad. I never watch football, I'm more of the person who wants to know the final score. But since the packers are my bros and dads favourite team, I knew I had to watch.

My dad was on the edge of his seat Let's just say that If the packers lost, my house wouldn't be a very fun place to be in!
I enjoyed watching the game, I totally didn't know what the heck was going on but my dear dad explained to me.
Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend! and just think in a day another weekend will be happening!
xoxo Sarah
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