Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sickness can suck it and others

I'm sick.
I woke up saturday feeling somewhat okay but throughout the day feeling worse and worse. My brother and I did crash out parents v-day dinner which made me smile. Sunday I could hardly talk but managed to get through church. I had a nap (if you call reading the new glamour sleeping, then yes that's what I did) Monday when I woke up, I couldn't speak! I felt like crap but managed to get to school (do I still call it school, even though I'm done and outta there?!) anyways I had rehearsal for our play which we are being judged on on the 24th, heard of the sears festival? I'm in it for my school. Super cool!
Today I have to aches, the hot hot very hot shower I had helped a bit. So basically I eat, no wait drink soap and tea with honey. I hope I can shake this. Le sigh.

Yesterday was v-day as we all know. I didn't have a valentine this year. Which usually I get upset about but not this year. Hopefully next year I'll have a valentine. My dad always makes me and my mom feel special, he did the flowers and cards thing. Loveee him :)


I've been meaning to ask for prayers for a fellow blogger for a while. Let me explain. 3 months ago, a fellow blogger that I know lost her husband unexpectedly while he was hunting. Vee blogs about her progress with her grief and how she's still standing for her children. She has 3 children, the youngest being 1 week old. Yes, little Carter was born last tuesday. It's been 3 months and it ain't any easier for Vee. Please please please pray for the King family as they walk through life trying to pick up the pieces.

Also, wanna pray that this year I'll fall madly in love?! just kidding, sorta.


I'm pooped, time for a little napy nap.

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