Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Ramblings

Warning: This post is full of ramblings, nothing really important. Consider yourself warned.

Ohhh the weather outside is...frightful. We got snow, not a lot, on mondayish and now it's rainy and cold. I swear this time last year I was wearing a sweater and sunglasses. I'm so over winter. Ready for spring and flip flops and sunny weather. Oh man I can't wait.
I probably won't be able to blog this weekend or even monday/tuesday. I'm doing driving school from 9-2:30 sat-Tuesday. I don't know anybody else that is doing it those days, will ya included me in your prayers? I know I'll make friends but its always nice to know someone.
I'm so proud of myself this week. I'm trying to lose weight (with weight watchers.) Sunday I said that I would exercise EVERYDAY this week. Along with tracking.
Monday: 1500m lane swim
Tuesday: 1 1/2 hours at gym, doing cardio
Wednesday: 1500m swim again
Thursday: 2 hours at gym, burned 600 calories!
Today: 1500m swim again.
But...when I weighed in today, only lost .2!!!!! Its in the right direction but I seriously thought it would be more!
I'm thinking about dedicating one day a week on the blog for my weight loss? Thoughts? It might give me an extra push to go longer on the treadmill. Or maybe an excuse to blog!
Talking about blogging. I think I might get in touch with a fellow blogger who does awesome blog designs. When I "view" my blog it doesn't really do anything for me. It's just "meh" but I wanted "wow".
Anyways just a thought.

Pray for Japan please! and BC, Hawaii, New Zealand etc.
Natural disasters suck!

That is all.
Enjoy your weekend :)
Hope your having better weather than us.
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