Saturday, March 12, 2011

New blog

Okay I promise this is the last time I change the name of my bloggy!

See for a few weeks I haven't been feeling the way I used to about my blog (i.e name/background.)
I thought I could change it up a bit but it never did work the way I wanted it too.

So last night I emailed Katie from Loves of Life. She has been re doing blogs for a while now and I've always loved her work. She did the whole thing for $35! And I must add worked with me through email. It was my own input and ideas and she just designed it! If your thinking of re doing your blog then go to her now! Go the link here!

Thank you Katie! :)

So ya the name change. Life is what you make it. I like it. Its me. Whatever I make of my life is mine! I try and live my life for myself..and God but other people don't really influence me anymore. I'm not going into any more about how I used to live my life for others, change for them, try to be someone I really wasn't.
Whao okay enough about that.


p.s did I mention my blog is PURPLE my fav colour? LOVE IT!
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