Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kids say the darnest things

Lately my kids that I teach have been saying the darnest things while in mid lesson!
It catches me off guard, and I give a big laugh or try to hold it in because I shouldn't be laughing at that at work.

On Thursdays I teach a semi private class (2 kids, more expensive) and the little girl's parents just had a baby boy. The mom always took the girl to swim class but since she had the baby it's now dads turn. I asked the girl if she could tell her mommy and daddy to bring the baby to class to I can see it.

So the next week the little girl shows up with daddy without the baby! She explained to me that "baby N is breastfeeding, so he can't come out." UHH mkay. I really didn't know what to say to that?!
Then last night I saw teaching my ultra 3 class which only has two boys in it. It was report card night so I ended class 5 minutes early so talk to each student and their parents. I tell the smallest boy to grab his towel to keep warm, he replies "my mom is at home right now" okay thanks for letting me know?!

That is when the classicist smile and nod comes in.
I love my job and the funny things the kids say to me make my night.
I liked doing this. Maybe I'll keep it up :)
Also, sorry about the lack of pictures, my camera is in the shop being fixed :( I miss it terribly. I have to much to show you guys! if anyone reads this.

Have a wonderful day friends!
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