Monday, March 7, 2011


I didn't know what to blog about today. It was legit eating me alive! But then a fellow blogger Katie over at Loves of Life blogged today and gave me a good idea. (Katie, if you're reading this, I hope you don't mind I kinda used took your idea, don't hurt me!)

Dear CPR course,
It wasn't the course pre-say, but the building that made me cranky. Yes, it was a pain having to drive 20 minutes away early Sunday morning (while I could be sleeping in and going to church) just to re-new my CPR in order to keep working but that's NOT why I'm upset. You see lovely community center, when there is a course being held in the building, it's always nice to leave signs up pointing your costumers in the right direction. (Since the ONE and only staff was busy be hide the front desk registering people for courses. Hence unable to help me.) This made me have walk around your building (that I've never been to before) for 10 minutes before I finally asked a lady with "lifeguard" written on the back of her sweater where the course was. Turns out she was my teacher.
Just a few signs, that's all I'm asking.

Someone who doesn't find it nice to have find my own way around.

Dear a close relative,
I didn't mind waking up at 730 am today so that you could drop your kids off so I could walk them to school at 845am. I really didn't. I love spending time with the "rugrats". But when the clock has pasted 8 am and the "rugrats" are still not in sight, that's when my blood starts boiling. Oh but then a text comes through. Apparently you don't have to work. That's fine, I know what type of job you do. But it just gets me upset. I mean every time you ask me to watch them before school it NEVER happens.
I love you "close relative", I do. But you are crazy sometimes.

Your favourite Niece babysitter.

Dear Sunday night TV guide,
You don't know how happy I was on Saturday morning when I looked up my shows for the week to see if they were new. And lo' and behold, desperate housewives AND the amazing race were new!
How good it felt to relax after a long day and watch two of my fav shows.
Thank you,

A girl who needed her TV last night.

Thanks for letting me vent!

if mondays are ever happy...
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