Saturday, March 5, 2011

Little things get to me.

I apologize for the lack of posting. I have no excuse really, other than just working and being lazy. I'm human okay don't judge!

A few months a go my two *grade 13* friends were talking about little things make us happy. My friend T remembered this book that O got him last year. Its called The book of AWESOME. Inside is 1000 awesome things that are well awesome. It ranges from finding money in pockets to hitting all the green lights to the first shower you take after not showering for a long time. (I like that one)  I went home that night and googled it and for the next weeks managed to read 400 out of 1000 awesome things. I read about two or three a few times a week, but it slowed down.

Then last week I was at chapters and bought the actual book! I've read a few 100's so I haven't completed the 1000..yet..I plan too soon! Future goal?!

So last night while I was reading a few before hitting the sack  and I thought "why not share my top few so far?"
So here are my few (so far) that I love and totally happen to me.
In no particular order...

  • The other side of the pillow. Some sleepers have things that they do when they can't sleep, like watch TV or read till they are tired again. Me? When I can't sleep, I flip my pillow over to the other side. It's colder which for some reason helps me sleep. Cold side you are AWESOME!

  • The moment at a concert after the lights go out and before the band comes onstage.I have to change this one a bit. Instead of concert change it to play, change band to actors. You see I love seeing plays. Love Love Love them! And before the actors come on and the audience's convos start to quiet down, that's my favourite time! AWESOME!

  • Taking your bra off after wearing it for hours. Hahaha yes! I love this one. Come on ladies you have to admit their have been times when taking off that bra after a long day at work feels AWESOME!

  • Scraping all the lint off an overflowing lint trap. Since I can remember whenever my mom asked me to run downstairs and drop something in the laundry machine I've loved doing this! I have no clue why. AWESOME!

  • That friendly nod between strangers out doing the same thing. When I'm out running I totally do this! It's like "hey we're both doing the same thing, let's be friends for a second." AWESOME!
I seriously love this book! I totally recommend it, it's great book just before bed time. Buy it, go now! Or you can go here and read the top 1000 online.

What are your favourite awesome things, don't be shy!
Have a wonderful weekend friends.
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