Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My new life

Y'all know that I'm off school till Septembers 2011 (side note: got into Brock this morning for child and youth studies.) Now comes the tough annoying part of choosing where to go. Live away from home or stay? Home cooked meals or KD or 4 years? Be in debt or have money to spend? I think I know what I'll choose.

I've been off school of a month now. I thought it would be difficult to settle into a new "normal" but it hasn't.
I thought that I wouldn't know what to do with all my spare time (hence the blog) but I've found lots to do!

My days aren't the same. While I was in school this was my life:
7:30-wake up (unless I had swimming then it 630am)
7:30-845am-get ready for school
3:15-4pm-travel home/get ready for work/facebook time etc.
930-11pm-TV time/make lunch/
11pm-bed time.

That was my life during the week days. Weekends were chores/homework/hang with friends/church etc.

Now my days are 100% different, and I love it!
I work Monday/Tuesday/Thursdays. And I take a lot of replacements shifts during the weekends and day time hours.

If I work my days are like this.

730-wake up
8:30am-leave house for work
9am-arrive at work
3:30pm-end work
I might have to run over to my other pool if its m/tu/thur.

If I don't work my day is like this.
Wake up anytime (so nice)
Have breakfast
Read paper
Check fb/blogs
Watch TV from night before that I missed while working
Have shower
Watch TV
Make dinner
Go to work
Bed around 12am.                                                                              

Yup that's my new life. I hope to be volunteering in the next week or two at my former elementary school once or twice a week.
I love not having school work to do. Yes I know I will have tons in uni but come on let me enjoy my time off! I deserve it :)

~My aunt Kay is doing better. Second surgrey went well. Keep praying.~
~No word on my play~ yet...
~Not me in those pictures thank you google.~

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