Friday, February 25, 2011

This week can be over NOW

The past few days have been sucky. It started tuesday. My Grandpa Campbell (Mom's fam) called and said that my 68 year old Grandma had fallen down the stairs at the local library. She was in the ER for some time doing X RAYS and helping her. She's okay. A little bruised up/shaken up but will make a full recovery.

Wednesday was our dress rehearsal for the play. As we were on stage a stupid punk went through our bags and stole many things. Including a two day old blackberry, 32g IPOD, $10 from me and feb metro pass, and gum. I'm a visitor there and that's how I get treated? Heck to the no. The punk will be caught as the school thankfully had cameras.

After the play, my parents came home, I had to stay and listen to the judge talk and talk and talk. Apprently my dad's 80 something year old aunt got into a horrible car crash last night. She had two blood clots and a brain aneurysm. At the moment my dad hasn't been home since 10:30 last night (been at hospital). Aunt Kay has had one surgry, her heart did stop but was resuscitated. The doctors didn't think she was strong enough to handle the second surgry. My dad is power of attorney. As power of attorney he has to make that horrible and tough choice to tell the doctor to pull the plug. This is al the infomation I have right now. I'll keep you posted.

~My play went great! Beside the fact a staple went throw my foot 5 mins before the show, it went great! The results will be posted soon!~

~Please pray for my Aunt Kay, as her fate is desided, pray for my dad as he makes those choices. And be with Judge who choses who goes on.~

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