Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Ramblings

A lot has happened over the past few days. So much that they can't all a separate post each.
Where to start off? Oh I know.

Saturday I weigh in at weight watchers and lost 2 whole pounds! Total loss is...7.4
I still have a ways to go to get to my goal weight, I'll keep tracking and working out.

Saturday night was a special one. We (the fam) were invited up to Peterborough to meet my future sis-in
loves family.  Danielle comes from a huge family (her dad is one of 10 kids and each of the kids has 3 or 4 children of their own, she has 37 first cousins just on her dads side!) We got there around 7 and her mom/dad, 2 sisters were there. (Her brother was away at university, so we didn't meet him) It was nice just meeting her immediate family members before the billion others came.

We got to know more about the wedding plans, like who's in the wedding party. Danielle has asked me, her two sisters (who will share maid of honour roles), her cousin. Ryan has picked his BFF Jesse to be his best man, D's brother, and two friends from college.

It was a good evening as I said. D has two sisters, Andrea who is 26 and Shannon who is 20. They both were incredibly sweet to me. Easy to talk too, very fun and outgoing. I'm so excited to see the whole family again. I feel like we will become good friends :)

With the wedding, I may or may not have already started looking at dresses! I've found two that I like. We (D, her sisters and I) agreed that we would have the same colour but different dresses. I've never liked the idea of having the same dress style. Hello, we all are different!


I'm going to uni next year! I accepted to Ryerson for Child and Youth Care starting in fall 2011. I'm happy that I decided to go there.

That's about it. Exciting stuff is happening around here! Can't wait to share more.

happy monday.
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