Thursday, April 28, 2011

wedding dreaming..err planning.

Thank you for all your comments on SWW. All of them included the e-invites and everyone agreed they were TACKY! Good thing my sis in loves family shot down the idea. Formal invitations it will be!

Since I'll be a bridemaids in may 2012 for my brothers wedding, all I think about is the dress! Here are my ideas of what I would love to wear.
Love the yellow! so bright and cheery!
This is prob my fav. Love the one shoulder/colour!

love this but in another colour. Black to a wedding? No.

here is the one in black but in a different colour.

I want something fun but also that I can wear for another wedding. I'm looking forward to shopping with the girls soon :)

 Since I was on the website I of course had to look at wedding dresses.
love everything about this!

Simple but yet I love it

I love Vera Wang! I will so save all my money to buy one when its my turn to get married. They are so classic, sweet, all eyes on me kind of dress.
love the princess fit of it! and the pink bow, melt my heart!

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