Monday, May 30, 2011

Alberta re-cap

I'm home now! Got in about 7pm last night after a good flight.
To be honest I didn't want to come home at.all.
Like I mean, I almost begged not to leave.
You have to understand, yes I was glad to see my parents and cats but now that I'm home, I hate the city.
Like can't-wait-to-move hate it.
The country is really starting to grow on me.
In case you have no clue where I was look at the maps below.

I live in Toronto, and flew to Alberta (teal province.)

If you  look closely, you will see a town named Camrose. It southeast from Edmonton. Camrose is like 15 minutes away from my aunts/uncles house.

The house and school is located in New Norway.

I had a wonderful time. I loved hanging out with my family. It's very hard since I live here and they live so far. The four of them come every summer for a few weeks to visit my grandparents so we get to see them then.
I was able to come to school with my aunt who teaches grade 1. It was great, just being able to get more teaching experience. My cousin Eric was so sweet and picked me up at the gr.1 class room and he took me upstairs to have lunch with his friends. They were all so sweet to me. (fyi: its a k-12 school, with one grade per class. ya I told you it was country)

My cousin Megan, who is 6 months younger than me, invited me out to hang with her friends, which I was glad about. We went to the movies one night with her girlfriends, Bridemaids is so funny! Like, crying-funny. Friday night was the school's (where my aunt teaches, where my cousins go/went to) grad. After was a dance which I got into. I'm glad I did because I met a real cowboy! We danced all night together. Okay, enough day dreaming.

The country is so different from the city. Duh! I love the quietness of the country. The clean(ish) air. How everyone looks out for eachother. New Norway school is like a big family. One big family.

I can't wait to go back. My aunt told me after that I am always invited to come. Trust me, I would live there if I could. One day, hopefully.

Now that I'm home, I can blog without  people looking around. I sorta like to read blogs when no one bugs me. And now I have my tv :) I may or may not have stayed up till 3am last night to watch a few!

happy monday!

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