Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lil' blog of mine

I didn't know how much I loved blogging until I was away and went two weeks without the Internet
and tv.

I started a blog years a go but it failed miserably because I had no clue a)what to write about and b) It wasn't that important to me at that time. I think I did three posts and left it for about 2 years.

Then about maybe 10 months a go I came across a blog of an older friend of mine that comes to the same summer camp as me. From creeping her, I came across her cousins blog which got me into " secretly following" hers. I say secretly because I would just google her name and read her posts thru google.
I would do this a few times a week. Then I found Katie's, who did my layout, and loved her posts! So I started reading more and more blogs!

In November, I got to thinking about starting my own blog but got scared to sign up because of how my other one failed. I kept putting it off until Jan 28 (or 29th can't remember) and this is where Life is what you make it was born. Well, it wasn't Life is what you make it all along. First it was heart overflowing for like a week, then all the world's a stage after Shakespeare. And lastly when Katie asked if I wanted a new name I jumped on said blog name. And? I love the name.

I sometimes feel like blogging has taken over my life. Not really but you get what I'm saying. Before said blog my morning routine was shower, breakfast, read newspaper, hair/make up.
Its make smoothie, read newspaper, log onto blogger (read blogs/write blog), shower etc.

In my iPhone I have a notepad that is for blog posts that I think will be a good post. Just things that pop into my head and get written down before I forget.

I love the blog world because even tho I might never meet my blog friends I feel like I'm apart of their lives and vice versa. When they cry I do too. When they are happy, you bet I am also.

For me, blogging is a way of documenting my life and preserving life's memories so that I can look read back on what has happened to date in my life. Blogging is also a way that I can vent and therefore blogging is my free therapy.

Even though I have "followers" who I'm sure have never read my blog (except for the few special girls) that isn't what matters. Blogging shouldn't be about how many comments you get or how many followers we have. It should just for us. I do sometimes get annoyed how people follow my blog but have never written a comment at.all.(and yes, I understand that we all are busy but come on, a few words takes seconds!)  When those thoughts creep in I remind myself that blogging is for me!

Oh lovely blog, how I love thee.

happy wednesday!
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