Wednesday, May 11, 2011

feeling blue

                                  There are a few things these days that are just getting me down.
Nothing big, but just things that make me a wee bit down.

I feel like all my neighbours are moving these days. Well if you count 3 to be all of them, but it feels like a lot.
Let's start with R. R has lived across the street from my family for 20 years. He's a single guy who is moving into a condo in the fall. For the time being he will be living with his brother about 30 mins away until the condo is 100% done. Last week, R put the house up for sale. The open houses were Saturday and Sunday and both had loads of people looking at the house. I don't really talk to R, except for the wave, smile and hi but I'll miss shoveling for him during the winter.

Next is my Auntie Pat. She's not really my aunt but the story is, my grandparents owned her house years a go and sold it to Pat's mom. Pat later bought the house when her mom died and has lived there for close to 40 years. Last winter Pat had a bad fall and was in the hospital for weeks. Her nephew, who stops by a lot, thought putting Pat in the nursing home would be best. She's in there now and liking it. G and D (nephew and his wife) were suppose to move into Pat's house, that changed. Last week, a man drove up and was talking to G, he said his sister-in-law was looking to move into this area, would G know of any houses that were being put on the market? Oh he did. Pat's house. Right then and there G said "you can buy this one." Yup, that's right, no agents, all under the table. That's the second one to leave.

Last is my neighbour who lives two doors down from me. This one is sad. M was married for decades to J. J had a temper and anger issues. He was the one who beat her, and at one time threaten to shot her with his hunting gun. The police and SWAT team was called. He had no friends, no family came around because he was so grumpy. I remember one time my cousins are I were playing tag on the street. My cousin Brandon stopped and bent down to tie his shoelace. I guess Brandon had stepped on J's lawn and he came outside and yelled  "get off the lawn!" at Brandon. We were told not to play around his sidewalk again. At this time, M had moved out and lived 2 hours away with her sister. She came maybe once a month to check on her husband and left. J died a couple years back. When he died she moved back in, but now is selling the house. I don't blame her, the house doesn't hold sweet memories to her.
With all these houses, they all will turn into big monster homes that are beginning to take over the area. The original houses in my area are the typical bungalow homes.
It makes me sad to know the neighbours who looked out for cars when I was playing outside are leaving but it's exciting because the new generation of kids are coming!


The second thing that made me sad was learning the reality of broken homes.
Last Friday at volunteering we made mothers day presents. The kids had a magnet that were supposed to draw a picture of them doing something they liked with their mom.
The two comments that got me a bit blue were:
"I won't see my mom this weekend, it's my dads weekend."
"I don't know what I like doing with my mom, I don't live with her."
Talking about gut wrenching. It made me sad to think that a lot of kids now a days are living in broken homes.
I was telling my dad about what the kids were saying and he made a good point that thankfully no one said "my mom is dead." I can't imagine what I would do if that happened.

happy thursday!
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