Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Send more soup!

I'm sick. 
Very sick. 
Not oh-my-head-hurts kinda of sick. 
I have a throat virus infection.
Sounds lovely doesn't it!? 

I went to the walk-in clinic monday night because my throat was killing me! I got off work too :) I told the doctor that I think I might have strep throat.  I know you have to be in contact with someone who had strep... and I did!

Last wednesday Karen's sister, also named Sarah, ya it gets confusing called her mom while she was at work and was dog sick! Sarah went to the walk-in and came out with strep. Friday (when karen and i saw the lion king) karen called me around noon and said she wasn't feeling good but was still able to come, not that she had a choice! I kid..kinda. Saturday morning karen went to the walk-in and again came out with strep. To say my parents were worried I would get it strep too. I saw karen at church that day and as usual we sat together. At this time she wasn't contagious so she came to church. Bad idea.

Monday I woke up and couldn't talk or swallow! I went to school to volunteer and felt fine but once I got home and stopped talking my throat started hurting...bad... again! Around 3 pm I called my mom and said I didnt feel well. She called my work and said I wouldn't be in. Next stop: the walk-in.

So I walked in and said that I think I might have it. He looked in my throat and said "no, you don't." Harsh much?!  He said I had a viral infection as I said above. He also said if I got worse then come back. I stopped him there and said "listen, I'm going away on friday (yes I fibbed) are you sure it won't turn into strep?! He said it might. In the end I took the prescription and told him I would fill it if I needed too. 

Today? I needed to fill it. 
I woke up at 6am which isn't my normal time, stumbled into the living room where my dad was sitting reading the paper and cried. Cried because my head was killing me. My dads response? "Are you faking?" um NO! He explained that I'm good at acting and wasn't sure. Good one. 

So now I have my meds. Taking advil, eating lots of soup and resting. I admit I did go shopping but only because I needed stuff for my trip sunday. I only lasted 2 hours before I needed a tea from starbucks. 

I hope I can kick this virus before sunday. I can't be sick when I'm away!
I just can't. 

happy wednesday!

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