Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm working on my roar!

Wanna know my favorite Disney movie?
The Lion King!
No surprise since I love animals.

As I said a few days a go, Karen and I went to see the Lion King on stage.

We went to Gabby's for dinner and enjoy talking and catching up.
We ALWAYS take pictures before we leave.

love this one.

Bathroom shots are our favourite things to do. It was really hard to get some because people kept coming in. We would snap some shots when people were in the bathrooms and quickly act like nothing happened when they came out of the stall. Finally karen said "who cares, I'm never going to see these people again." That is why I love her!

Not my normal face fyi

You know that surprise I was telling you about? just pretend you do. Well it turns out that our friend Elizabeth and her parents got tickets on the same day! It's neat how out of the hundreds of shows the Lion King is playing we all wined up going on the same day.
Two very sweet girls!
It was wonderful evening! There is something so magical about seeing live shows! I can't wait to decide what show we see next year.

happy saturday!
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