Monday, May 9, 2011

meh, it's monday.

I bet you're just sitting on the edge of your seats to know what I'm going to ramble about this wonderful monday. No? Just pretend you are, mmk?

I hope every mother had a great and deserving day yesterday. Even those who have yet to have kids.

Mother nature is finally getting the message that it's may not september! Yesterday was 16 and today/tomorrow is a high of 17. Best of all, it's sunny! Like, get-the-sunglasses-out sunny. The rest of the week will be about the same with thursday being 22! Loves it. 

I got tired of wearing pants to church so when I was planning my church outfit for sunday I made sure I was wearing a skirt. It was a bit chilly but glad a wore a skirt.  The picture is from the best app instagram, its blue with flowers. Reminds me of a table cloth but as Karen says "a nice table cloth."

here is me sunday morning
Also I wore my new white wedges. I love them so much! 

I'm excited for my twitter/blogger friend Laura giveaway. Go check it out!

In 6 days I'll be in Alberta. My dad's sister, her husband and my two cousins live there. Since I'm off school I thought it would be a perfect time to visit them. I have tons to do before hand but honestly, it's the calmest place ever. I will be in the true country. Meaning nearest neighbours are half a mile away. I love it there. So peaceful.

I'm loving the face that I can schedule posts. I never knew it existed until last week. I know I know it's probably old news to most of you. It's great when things get busy. Confession: this is a schedule posts! Don't judge :)

Running is going good for me. Yesterday I was so bored so I thought "why not go for a run." 5km and 33 mintues I was home sweating buckets enjoying a nice shower.

Wedding plans are under way.  The venue is booked for may 26th for 2012! for my bros wedding, not mine. i wish. 

happy monday! 

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