Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kids say funny stuff

The things I hear while working with children makes my day.
The best ones are the times where we (kids and I) are in the water and I'm teaching them,
and one the kids says somethings so funny and it just makes me literally stop the lesson and laugh. 
Since I've been going to school with my aunt the past two weeks I've heard some pretty cute stuff.

* After the morning announcements my aunt says to the grade 1's "good morning beautiful and handsome grade 1's."
 And they say "good morning Mrs.S********."
This time one of the boys said "good morning beautiful Mrs.S"

Gotta love it. How could that not make you feel good?!

*Last week a little girl came up to me after morning recess and held out a rock. I told her that it was beautiful and asked if she found it outside. She did. Right then her teacher (my aunt)asked everyone to take their seats, she then have me the rock! and a flower later!
*Every morning the kids have this little poem they have to read out loud. Its short and about a mouse with soup. The "special person" of the day gets to pick how they read it (either sitting, jumping, turning around ect.) So this little boy thought for a second and said "push ups." So here I am in a dressy shirt and jeans doing push ups! Crazy...but cute.

I'll miss these kids. Really, I will.
happy Wednesday!
y'all better be watching Oprah's final show!
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